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How to fill in the weight value of Fuertong children?

When filling in the weight value of children on the Fuertong platform, you should fill in according to the actual situation. Accurate weight data can be obtained through weight measurement instruments or manual weighing.

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When filling in, you need to pay attention to the unit is kilograms, and do not fill in the wrong unit when filling in. At the same time, make sure that the data filled in is accurate to avoid misdiagnosis or misjudgment caused by filling in errors.

While filling in the weight value, you can also fill in other relevant health data, such as height, BMI, etc., so that doctors can have a more comprehensive understanding of children’s health status.

2023 Has the weight calculation of children in the nursing test been changed?

Not sure because I don’t know if there will be any changes to the weight calculation of children in the 2023 nursing test. There is no relevant official announcement or news yet. However, for the calculation of children’s weight, we know that it is calculated based on factors such as height, age, and gender, so we can improve our calculation skills to cope with any possible changes by learning and understanding the laws of children’s growth and development. In addition, in the preparation for the nurse qualification exam, it is also very important to master and practice the knowledge points. It is recommended that candidates practice and review more to ensure their preparation effect.

The correct way to measure the weight of children with a children’s lever scale?

It is a common method to use a children’s lever scale to measure the weight of children. Here are the correct operation steps:

1. Place the child’s lever scale on a flat, firm ground and ensure its stability.

2. Have the child remove shoes and overweight clothing to ensure accurate measurement results.

3. Have the child stand on the weighing board of the lever scale, with both feet smoothly placed on the scale on either side.

4. To ensure accurate weight reading, the child should stand upright, keep his body vertical, and do not lean on or support other objects.

5. Pay attention to observe whether the child remains balanced and stable, making sure they do not shake or move.

6. When the child is stable, read the child’s weight according to the scale on the indicator, number or pointer.

Please note that it is very important to ensure safety and the comfort of the child when measuring the weight using the child’s lever scale. If the child is not yet able to stand or is unwilling to stand on the lever scale, other ways of measuring the weight can be considered, such as a baby scale or a medical electronic scale. In addition, it is important to check and calibrate the lever scale regularly to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

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