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How to fill in the weight management of Suzhou teenagers?

Hello, to fill in the weight management of Suzhou teenagers, you can follow the following steps:

childhood and adolescent weight management

1. Fill in personal information: including basic information such as name, gender, age, height, etc.

2. Fill in weight and physical condition: record the current weight and physical condition, such as whether there are problems such as overweight, obesity, etc.

3. Fill in eating habits: record the usual diet, including diet structure, calories consumed, types of food eaten, etc.

4. Fill in exercise habits: record the usual exercise situation, including the physical activities participated in each week, the time and intensity of exercise, etc.

5. Fill in the sleep situation: record the daily sleep time and quality, whether there is insufficient sleep or poor sleep quality.

6. Fill in the psychological status: record their emotional state and psychological stress, whether there are problems such as emotional instability or anxiety.

7. Fill in the family environment: record the family’s eating and exercise habits, whether there are overweight or obesity in family members.

8. Fill in the goals and plans: according to personal circumstances, set reasonable weight loss or health management goals, and formulate corresponding plans and measures.

9. Fill in other remarks: other relevant information can be supplemented, such as past weight loss experiences, medical treatment, etc.

After filling in the above content, you can submit the form to the relevant health management agency or doctor, so that they can give corresponding suggestions and guidance according to your situation.

In 6s management, which method helps children and adolescents to grow in height and weight is not rectified………….

The main method of adolescent body growth, first, strengthen nutrition. Teenagers grow up faster, nutrition must keep up, and diet should be reasonable.

Second, strengthen exercise and exercise, which will help children’s bone development and height growth.

How to log in to Suzhou adolescent weight management?

To log in to Suzhou Youth Weight Management System, you first need to search for the official website on the webpage, and then click the “Login” button. If it is the first time to log in, you need to register first and fill in your personal information. After registration is completed, enter your username and password to log in.

After successful login, you can view personal weight data, set target weight, formulate health plans, etc. At the same time, you can also communicate and share experiences with other users to get more health knowledge and suggestions. Remember to protect personal information and privacy to avoid leakage.

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