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How to fill in the Thailand entry form?

When filling in the form, pay attention to these filling points:

1. The information should be the same as the passport, visa, and flight information, and fill in with capital English and numbers;

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2. For the part with options, you need to tick “x” instead of “√”;

3. The signature should be in English.

So how to fill in the entry and exit card? The front contains the entry and exit information

Fill in the entry card information (right part):

1. FamilyName Surname: The pinyin of the surname on the passport. 2. FirstName Name: The pinyin of the first name on the passport. 3. Gender: Male (male)/Female (female), type “x” to select, this will not be repeated below. 4. Nationality Nationality: Chinese, of course, write CHINESE. 5. PassportNo. Passport number: The number at the top right of the inner page of the passport. 6. DateofBirth Date: The order is different from our regular filling method, fill in the day, month and year in turn. 7. FlightorOtherVehicleNo. Inbound flight number: Fill in according to your entry ticket. 8. VisaNo. Visa number: Turn to the page of the visa, English numbers in the lower left corner. 9. Occupation Occupation: Fill in in English, in fact, this review is not very strict. 10. CountryWhereYouBoarded departure country: Which country flies to Thailand, write which country 11. PurposeofVisit Purpose: Generally fill in travel. 12. LengthofStay Days: Do not exceed 15 days for landing visa and 60 days for tourist visa. 13. ResidenceCity/State Residence City: The city where you are located, this review is not strict. 14. CountryofResidence Country: Generally write CHINA. 15. AddressinThailand Hotel Address: Find the English address of the hotel you are staying in online in advance, write the hotel name first, then the address. 16. Telephone Contact Number: The phone number in Thailand, if not, write the hotel’s phone number. 17. Email: Your email address. 18. Signature Signature: Signature in English.

Fill in the departure card information (left part):

1. FamilyName Surname: Pinyin of the first name on the passport. 2. FirstNameMiddleName Name: Pinyin of the first name on the passport. 3. DateofBirth Date: Fill in the day, month, and year in turn. 4. PassportNo. Passport number: The number at the top right of the inner page of the passport. 5. Nationality Nationality: CHINESE! 6. FlightorOtherVehicleNo. Departure flight number: Fill in according to your departure ticket. 7. Signature Signature: Signature in English. Next is the back, which is relatively simple.

The information on the back is all options, so type “x” in the corresponding option.

1. Typeofflight Flight Type: Charter Charter Schedule Flight (independent travel is the flight, and if you don’t know whether to charter the flight with the group, fill in the flight) 2. IsthisyourfirsttriptoThailand? Is it your first time to come to Thailand: (Just fill in truthfully) Yes (Yes) No (No) 3. Areyoutravelingaspartofatourgroup? Whether to travel with a group: (Just fill in truthfully) Yes (Yes) No (No) 4. Accommodation Accommodation Type: (Usually write hotel) Hotel Hotel Friend’s Home YouthHostel Youth Hostel Apartment GuestHouse Other 5. NextCity/PortofDisembarkation The city you arrive in: (Fill in which city you land in) 6. PurposeofVisit Purpose of visit: (Generally speaking, vacation) Holiday, Meetings, Sports, Business, Incentive Rewards, MedicalWellness, Education, Conventions Seminar, Transit, Employment, Exhibitions Exhibition, Other 7. YearlySalary Annual Income: (It is recommended to choose except the last item) Lessthan20,000US $20,001-60,000US $Morethan60,000US $Noincome

Finally, after filling in these, sign in the white box on the right, even if it is completed, note that it is still signed in English.

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