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How to fill in the physical fitness questionnaire?

The physical fitness questionnaire is a very important health testing tool, and it needs to be filled in carefully. First, you need to fill in the basic personal information, such as name, gender, age, etc.

weight management questionnaire template

Secondly, according to your physical condition, choose the corresponding options, such as height, weight, blood pressure, vision, etc.

Then, according to the description of the problem, choose your own symptoms and physical conditions, such as whether you have stomach pain, headache, dry mouth, etc.

Finally, according to the results filled in, combined with the doctor’s advice and diagnosis, take corresponding health care measures and treatment plans to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

How to fill in the sample text of the kindergarten special constitution questionnaire?

The sample text of the kindergarten special constitution questionnaire is as follows:

Name: Zhang San Gender: Male Age: 4 Years Old Class: Small Class

1. Height: 100cm2. Weight: 18kg3. Vision: Normal (Left Eye: 5.0, Right Eye: 5.0)

4. Hearing: Normal 5. Teeth: Complete, No Caries 6. Skin: Healthy, No Allergy Symptoms

7. Respiratory System: Normal 8. Heart: Normal 9. Digestive System: Normal

10. Athletic ability: good, like running, jumping and other activities 11. Appetite: normal, like to eat fruits and vegetables

12. Sleep: regular, sleep time about 8 hours per night 13. Immunity: strong, rarely sick

14. History of allergies: none 15. Other special circumstances: none

Fill in person: signature of parents: date: September 11, 2023

The above is a sample of filling in a kindergarten special constitution questionnaire. Fill in the relevant information according to the actual situation to ensure accurate and complete record of the physical condition of young children.

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