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How to fill in the medical record of the dog’s immune deworming?

When filling in the medical record of the dog’s immune deworming, it is necessary to record the dog’s physical condition in detail, including weight, body temperature, heart rate, respiration and other indicators.

weight management information for dogs

At the same time, it is also necessary to record the dog’s immune status, including the time, type and dose of the last vaccination, and whether the dog has allergic reactions.

For deworming, it is necessary to record the type, dose and time of deworming. In addition, personal information of the dog, including name, breed, age and gender, is also required. Based on the above information, filling in the complete medical records of the dog’s immune deworming can help the owner better understand the dog’s health, detect problems in time and take corresponding treatment measures.

How to calculate the weight of an animal?

The weight conversion formula is: 1 kg = 1000 grams, 1 g = 0.001 kilograms, 1 kg = 2.205 pounds. The calculation formula of animal weight is generally the weight of the animal (kg) multiplied by a coefficient, and the coefficients used by animals in different weight ranges are also different. The coefficients often used are: – Small dogs (weight less than 10kg): weight (kg) x2. 5 – Medium Dogs (10kg to 25kg): Weight (kg) x2 – Large Dogs (25kg and above): Weight (kg) x1. 5 It should be noted that these coefficients are only estimates. Different breeds of dogs have different muscle density and bone structure. Dogs under the same weight may have differences in actual body shape.

Bought a bag of 1 gram of avermectin, where it is written that the dosage is 1kg drug 0. 3mg My dog five……………

Bought a bag of 1 gram of avermectin, and the written dosage is 1kg drug 0. 3mg; dogs with about fifty catties should use (7.5mg); 0. 3 * 25 = 7. 5 (mg)

I would like to know the approximate height, weight and length of the dogs, is there anything you can introduce to me,………

The dogs are 60 cm tall, weigh 20 kg, and have a length of 30 cm. This dog is a poodle. I can introduce it to you

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