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How to fill in the height and weight evaluation of the physical examination form?

Answer: The evaluation of the height and weight of the physical examination form is mainly based on the proportion of the height and weight of the medical examiner. For example, if the height of the medical examiner is 1.8 meters, then his weight should be about 140 catties. Such a judgment can more intuitively let the medical examiner understand and control his physical condition, so as not to be too thin or too fat.

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How to fill in the high school physical growth evaluation?

The following are some suggestions for filling in the high school physical growth evaluation:

1. Physical development: Describe whether the changes in the height, weight, body shape of the student meet the normal developmental standards.

2. Health status: Assess the overall health status of students, such as whether they are often sick, have chronic diseases, etc.

3. Physical fitness improvement: Pay attention to the progress of students’ strength, endurance, speed and other physical fitness.

4. Motor ability: Evaluate students’ performance and skill development in various sports.

5. Physical coordination: Observe students’ physical coordination ability, such as flexibility and balance of movements.

6. Nutritional status: Understand students’ eating habits and nutrient intake.

7. Mental health: Include the ability to cope with stress, emotional stability, etc.

8. Sleep quality: Evaluate students’ sleep status, whether they have enough sleep time and good sleep quality.

9. Lifestyle habits: such as whether they have good hygiene habits, regular work and rest, etc.

10. Self-discipline ability: Examine students’ self-discipline in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With the topic of “I Reflect on Myself Three Days”, from three aspects: physiological self, psychological self, and social self,……

The physiological self refers to the individual’s awareness of their own physiological attributes, such as height, weight, and appearance; the psychological self refers to the individual’s awareness of their own psychological attributes, such as mental processes, abilities, temperament, and personality; the social self refers to the individual’s awareness of their own social attributes, such as their roles, status, and rights in various social relationships. I am not tall and look average, with a cheerful personality, no power, and low status

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