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How to feed the little corgi?

The little corgi should be taken home after three shots of the vaccine, about 3 months or so. First of all, you should clean the house to make sure the house is clean, and keep your slippers away, because the little corgi will bite indiscriminately.

hill science diet weight management for small dogs dry food

The first thing you can eat is soft dog food. Three meals a day, 30 grams a meal, the little corgi has no concept, how much you eat, so you have to strictly limit the feeding, and the little corgi is hungry than eating too much. If sometimes it feels that its feces are a little thin, let him eat some dog yeast powder to promote digestion.

When I arrived at Corgi, I could eat dry dog food in about 3 and a half months, which was also three meals a day.

Our family changed from 5 months to 2 meals a day. When I was 6 months old, I found that it was no longer giving as much as it wanted. It was able to completely control the amount of food it ate, so I put it there every day in the future… Anyway, our family only fed dog food, a small amount of calcium powder, and nutritional toothpaste. Usually give him pet-specific snacks, dog bites and biscuits. People don’t feed them anything.

If you must feed it, you must remember not to give it a lot of salt and oil, it will lose hair, and it is not good for the little corgi’s health. In fact, it is recommended not to feed it to people, because it will feel delicious, and it will not eat much dog food in the future, and it will also spin around next to people when people are eating. In fact, it is very bad to suck monsters…

It is difficult to raise the little corgi when they just take it home, but it will be fine after this period of time, mainly to develop the habit of not biting, eating, screaming, and running around. Education is very important, and it is not good after the best education period.

About nursing:

First of all, you should pay attention not to take a bath often. You can wash it after 10 days of vaccination. If you have the conditions, you should go to a better pet store to wash it, so that they can also tell you some precautions. If you don’t have the conditions to wash it yourself, you must blow dry it, and don’t let little corgi catch a cold. That’s not easy to treat.

Secondly, it is best not to take little corgi out before 4 months, because little corgi is more difficult to manage and will eat dirty things indiscriminately. Secondly, its resistance is also weak. But you can go out to bask in the sun with corgi, which is good for its growth.

Once again, for Corgi, if your home has stairs, don’t let it go up and down the stairs. This dog has short legs and a long waist. If it always goes up and down the stairs, it will hurt the lumbar spine. It should be avoided as much as possible.

Because Corgi’s ears are upright and have large ears, it is not easy to get ear diseases.

Pay attention to Corgi’s waist, because of its significant physical characteristics, it is generally necessary to reduce excessive movements in Corgi’s waist, such as going up and down stairs. You should also pay attention when holding Corgi, because Corgi are heavy dogs with short legs. When picking them up, you cannot directly grasp the front legs to lift them, which can easily cause leg fractures or other diseases.

Hair loss Except for dogs and a few dog breeds that do not have this problem, other dog breeds will encounter it, including the corgi. Hair change caused by seasonal changes within a year is common to many dog breeds.

As for body odor, I personally think that the corgi themselves have no body odor. And the hair is short, so the corgi generally only need to take a bath once a month.

Nutritional supplements, it is recommended to consider some skin-specific nutrients, such as skin beauty and multi-liquid. Calcium supplementation in the puppy stage and sufficient outdoor exercise after 5 months are important for outdoor dogs like the corgi.

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