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How to feed Brazilian turtles?

During the growth of Brazilian turtles, diet is very important. Conditional as much as possible to be regular and quantitative, and to be fed according to the size of Brazilian turtles.

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1. Feeding frequency

Generally speaking, Brazilian turtles under three centimeters are recommended to eat twice a day, and when it reaches 3 to 5 centimeters, feeding can become once a day. When the Brazilian turtle grows to more than 5 centimeters, it can basically be fed once a day or two.

2. What to feed?

Generally feed fish, shrimp, insects, fish food, etc. It is not recommended to feed cooked food. If you want turtle food, just throw it directly into the water. Fish and shrimp are easy to pollute the water quality, so you can choose the feeding method according to the situation and conditions. My turtle pond is large, and we have made a filter pond, that is, a feeding pond. Throw it directly into the feeding pond, and the turtles will crawl to grab food. Change the water after eating. If there are no conditions, then change the water in time after feeding the meat, otherwise the water quality will easily rot and be polluted. This will lead to turtles suffering from white eye disease.

How many times a day do Brazilian turtles eat?

Usually young Brazilian turtles need to be fed once a day, and adult Brazilian turtles can be fed once every 1-2 days. However, the specific feeding frequency of Brazilian turtles may also need to be adjusted according to the season. First of all, you can feed the Brazilian turtle turtle turtle food every day. You can choose the appropriate turtle food according to the specific age of the Brazilian turtle, and you can also feed meat and vegetables appropriately. In addition, after feeding the Brazilian turtle, you need to change the water quality in time to avoid breeding bacteria.

What is the daily feeding time and amount of raising the Brazilian turtle?

The answer is as follows: The eating habits of the Brazilian turtle are relatively complicated, and there are many kinds of food. You can feed vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, etc. However, it should be noted that the feeding amount and frequency should be determined according to the age and size of the turtle, as well as factors such as activity and temperature.

Generally speaking, adult Brazilian turtles need to be fed 1-2 times a day, and the amount of each feeding should be 1-2% of the turtle’s body size. For example, a turtle weighing 500 grams needs to consume 5-10 grams of food per day. At the same time, pay attention to the turtle’s drinking water problem, and you should ensure that the drinking water is clean and replaced in time.

For young turtles, the feeding amount should be smaller. Feed 2-3 times a day, and each feeding amount should be 1-2% of the body weight. When the turtle grows up, you can gradually reduce the number of feeds and increase the single feeding amount, but do not overfeed to avoid the problem of turtle obesity and indigestion.

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