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How to eliminate the cross pleats on the back of the head?

The cross pleats on the back of the head are usually caused by keeping the head posture unchanged for a long time, using the mobile phone or computer with the head down for a long time, etc. In order to reduce and eliminate the cross pleats on the back of the head, the following methods can be considered:

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1. Correct posture: Try to maintain the correct posture when using the mobile phone or computer with the head down for a long time. Raise the screen to eye level, keep the head upright, and avoid stress caused by excessive head down.

2. Frequent rest: Staring at the screen for work or entertainment for a long time, it is recommended to take a short rest every once in a while. Or perform stretching exercises in the eyes, neck and shoulders to relieve muscle tension.

3 Neck Exercise: Performing proper neck exercises can help relieve the cross pleats at the back of the head. For example, slowly turn the head, tilt the head up, down, left, right, do neck stretching exercises, etc. Please make sure that the movements are gentle and do not cause pain or over-stretching.

4. Scalp Massage: Performing scalp massage can promote blood circulation, relax tight muscles, and reduce the appearance of cross pleats. It is possible to gently massage or rub the back of the head with your fingers.

5. Hair Care: Keep the hair clean, clean, and avoid hair that is too long or bundled too tightly to reduce the pressure on the scalp and head.

6. Eating a Balanced Diet: Maintaining a balanced diet with sufficient nutrients helps maintain the health of the skin and muscles.

If the above measures cannot improve the transverse pleats on the back of the head, or if there is discomfort, please consult a doctor or dermatologist for advice. Remember that individual differences and the reasons for transverse pleats may also be different, and the exact treatment method may vary from individual to individual.

What is the reason for the sweating on the head after the four-month-old baby sleeps?

This symptom in the baby is generally the most common caused by calcium deficiency. Therefore, pay attention to supplementing the baby with vitamin d at ordinary times. More sun exposure can promote the absorption of calcium, which is helpful for the baby’s growth and development. In addition, pay attention to observe whether the indicators of the baby’s growth and development are up to standard, including weight and other conditions. Usually pay attention to avoid catching a cold to prevent colds.

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