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How to do the wire for stacking weight trimming from the golden section point?

If you want to do the wire for stacking weight trimming from the golden section point, you can follow these steps:

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1. Prepare materials and tools: wire, scissors, gauges, etc.

2. Use gauges to measure the wire and find the golden section point. The golden section point is a point of special proportions equal to about 0.618 of the total length and can be measured using gauges or other tools.

3. Cut the wire from the golden section point. Use scissors to follow the measured golden section point and cut the wire.

4. Connect one end of the wire to the required equipment or device. Connect one end of the wire to an electronic device, circuit board, or other related device according to your needs.

5. Trim the length of the wire. Use scissors to gradually trim the length of the wire according to the actual needs. You can gradually reduce the length of the wire according to the requirements of the stacking weight.

6. Test the function and effect of the wire. Make sure the connection is solid and check whether the electrical or other function of the wire is normal.

Please note that this is only a basic description, and the actual operation may vary according to the specific situation. When performing any electrical work, please ensure safety and follow the appropriate operating specifications and instructions. If you are not familiar with the relevant operation, it is recommended to consult a professional for help.

How to trim the lead pendant of the seven-star drift line group?

After we prepare a complete set of seven-star drift line groups and connect them with the fishing rod, pull all the floats up to a distance of about half a meter from the fish hook, and then disperse each one at a distance of 3 to 5 cm. Throw it into the water to see what the state of the fish floats on the water surface is, whether they are all submerged or there are a few floating on the water surface or all of them are on the water surface.

Next, we judge that if all of them are submerged in the water, it means that the buoyancy of the fish float is too small and the lead drop is too large. At this time, we need to slowly trim the weight of the lead drop until the top 3 of the seven-star float are exposed and floating on the water surface. At this time, it means that the buoyancy of the fish float is greater than the gravity of the lead drop and it is in a suspended state.

How to clip out multiple clips in a video?

The method of editing out multiple clips in a video is as follows:

1. Import video footage: Import the video files that need to be edited into video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere, FinalCutPro, iMovie or WindowsMovieMaker, etc.

2. Split video clips: In video editing software, find tools to split video clips, such as the “Multi-Trim Video” function in Videovideo. Pull the time triangle cursor (timeline) to the place where you want to cut, and then click the small scissors button at the bottom of the preview window to split the video into multiple clips.

3. Delete Unwanted Clips: Select the video segment you want to delete, right-click and select “Delete” to remove the unwanted clips from the video.

4. Merge Video Clips: In video editing software, merge the reserved video segments one by one. Normally, video editing software will provide “Video Merge” function, such as Swift Video Converter. Add the video clips that need to be merged, adjust the order, and then click the “OK” button.

5. Export the finished product: After completing the video editing and merging, export the finished product video file. You can choose common video formats, such as MP4, MOV, etc.

6. The output video file is the finished product after editing off multiple clips.

It should be noted that different video editing software operation interfaces and functions are slightly different, please look for the corresponding functions according to the actual situation. In addition, during the production process, be patient and careful to ensure that the clips cut off and the retained clips are as expected.

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