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In fact, oily face is mainly due to lack of water on the face, resulting in oil secretion, so the first thing to condition oily skin is to hydrate the face. After washing your face in the morning (generally do not use facial cleanser in the morning, if you have face oil, consider mild facial cleanser), pat toner, essence, lotion, cream. The cream should be less, otherwise it will appear oily. If possible, you can use muscle bottom fluid before skin care to help the skin absorb, or you can use hyaluronic acid drops to fall asleep, milk, and cream to better hydrate the skin.


Generally, girls will wear makeup, at least the base makeup will be played, so in the choice of cosmetics, you must choose a moisturizing type.


The next step is to cleanse the face. It is recommended to choose a mild type for makeup remover and facial cleanser, especially a facial cleanser. If you choose the oil-removing type, although the face is very dry after washing, it is also very tight, and you feel that the water has been sucked away.


The use of a mask is also very important. Since it is oily skin, it is also recommended to choose a moisturizing type for the choice of mask. Use toner before applying the mask. After applying, massage the face for 2-3 minutes to help absorb moisture. Don’t worry about washing your face immediately (many people ask if you want to wash your face, remember to wash, the ingredients of the mask are different from skin care products after all). After washing, the face is moisturized a lot, but don’t forget to “strike while the iron is hot”. At this time, it is very absorbed to use skin care products~


You can use a moisturizing spray at ordinary times to replenish water to your face in time. Air cushion foundation is also carried with you. If you are oily, replenish makeup.


The above are all external methods. Since the oil is due to lack of water, you should drink more water. Remember to eat less spicy things if you have them~

Seven steps to correct skin care foundation?

The correct skin care steps are:

1. Cleansing milk or facial cleanser

Cleansing is always the first step in skin care. Don’t underestimate cleaning and think that cleaning is not important. The skin suffers from a day of pollution and radiation, which accumulates too much dirt on the skin. If it is not thoroughly cleaned, the skin will slowly become dry and rough.

2. Toner

Toner belongs to the category of makeup water and can play an important role in secondary cleaning and shrinking pores.

3. Muscle bottom fluid

After cleansing and toning, the skin needs a bottle of muscle bottom fluid to lay a good foundation. In recent years, muscle bottom fluid has become popular. This product can promote the effective absorption of subsequent products and adjust the skin to an ideal state. However, this product cannot be used as a lotion and cream.

4. Essence

After using the muscle bottom fluid, the essence product must be used, and the essence must be used before the lotion and cream.

5. Lotion or cream

After using the essence, you can apply lotion or cream. If it is oily skin, you can only use lotion. If it is dry skin, you can use face cream.

6. Sunscreen

Sunscreen must be remembered to use, and skin protection must be done well.

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