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How to deal with expired skin care products?

1. All expired skin care products can be applied to the feet, which is a feast for the neglected feet.

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2. Facial cleanser

can be used to wash hands, feet, make shaving cream, or as a detergent to brush collars, sleeves, travel shoes, etc. Summer is coming, expired facial cleanser can also be applied to the part to be hair removed and used as a shaving cream;

3, lipstick

can wipe silver jewelry, or repair leather goods. Apply lipstick to a napkin, and repeatedly wipe the blackened part of the silverware or jewelry, and it will look brand new; after the leather goods are worn, the white stubble will be exposed. Apply lipstick of the same color, and then apply a layer of egg white.

4. Lotion

Toning lotion contains alcohol and can be used to clean mirrors, dressers, dining tables, tiles, range hoods, etc.; moisturizing can be used to maintain leather shoes, leather bags, leather sofas, etc. In a woman’s cosmetic bag, I am afraid that there will always be a few expired cosmetics. It is a pity to throw them away. If the texture of the cosmetics does not change (mildew, thinning, water outlet), the color does not change, and there is no unpleasant smell, it can be reused.

5. Foundation, loose powder

Pack them in a delicate cloth bag and put them in the wardrobe or shoes to remove moisture; the carpet is sprinkled with water, oil, juice, etc., you can use this loose powder bag to press it first, and it will be easy to deal with;

6. Lotion

Use small pieces of cotton to dip the lotion, wrap the nails, and remove it after 15 minutes, which can brighten the nails and benefit the growth of nails; it can be used to wipe the neck and body; after washing the hair, apply it to the ends of the hair to prevent split ends, and the next day you will find that the hair has become super soft and feels particularly good! ( Because I often perm my hair, my hair is particularly prone to dry and split ends. After using this method, the split ends of my hair are significantly less, and there is no disheveled feeling at all. Although it is curly hair, it looks very soft!; You can use it on mask paper or cotton pad as a mask; cut the cotton pad into small pieces and soak it in lotion, carefully wrap the nails, and remove it after 10 to 15 minutes, which can keep the nails shiny and is beneficial to the growth of nails!

7. Cream

In addition to caring for leather goods, you can also wipe your hands and feet. It can be applied to the ends of the hair instead of conditioner; it is also very effective for caring for leather goods. Apply the expired cream to leather wallets, leather handbags, leather shoes, and leather sofas, which has the effect of maintaining leather, and is suitable for leather products of various colors. It should be noted that do not use whitening effects.

8, perfume

Spray on toilets, rooms, and cars as a freshener, or add aroma to washed clothes; spray on cotton pads for wiping to remove traces left by tape; use to wipe lamps, which can not only decontaminate, but also help aroma to be emitted through lamp heating, and have aromatherapy effect. ; However, it is most strongly recommended that sisters put it in their handbags, and spray it on their mung bean eyes when encountering a satyr; wipe the dirty lamps with expired perfume, that is, it can be cleaned, and at the same time, the heating of the lamps is conducive to the emission of perfume, which can make the home fragrant and feel good;

9, shampoo

can be used as a wool product cleaner and collar cleaner. Because shampoo contains hair softener, it can make wool products such as sweaters soft and fragrant; you can also wash clothes such as collars, hats, pillow towels, etc. that are in close contact with hair.

10, shower gel

The bathtub is very clean.

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