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How to convert weight and calories?


how many calories are in fromm weight management

There is no direct conversion relationship between weight and calories, because weight is a measure of an individual’s mass, while calories are a measure of the energy of a food or substance. The relationship between weight and calories depends on factors such as an individual’s metabolic rate, activity level, diet, etc., so it cannot be simply converted by quantity.

Explain why:

Weight and calories are two different physical quantities. Weight is a measure of mass, while calories are a measure of energy. Although both weight and calories are related to a person’s diet, digestion, and metabolism, they have different units and measures. Weight is measured by kilograms or pounds, while calories are measured by calorie, which is a unit for measuring the energy contained in food.

In addition, different people have different metabolic rates, activity levels, recipes, etc. These all affect the relationship between weight and calories, making it impossible to simply convert with quantity.

Content extension:

Although it is not possible to directly convert weight and calories, understanding the basics of body metabolism can help people control their weight and total calories. Generally speaking, if a person wants to lose weight, they need to consume more energy (calories) than they consume. This means reducing the intake of high-calorie, high-fat foods and increasing the amount of physical activity in the body, so that the body can truly burn fat.

Specific steps:

1. Calculate the total calorie intake per day by monitoring the amount and type of food intake

2. Understand the individual’s metabolic rate and activity level, and calculate the total calorie requirement per day

3. Compare the actual total calorie intake and the total calorie requirement, and calculate the gap between the energy intake and the energy expenditure

4. If the total calorie intake is more than the total calorie consumption, you need to reduce the calorie intake of food or increase the amount of physical exercise in order to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

How many calories are one catty of fat?

Each gram of fat produces 9 calorie. From a medical point of view, one catty can only be said to be about 4500 calorie.

To lose one catty of fat, you need to exercise at the speed of treadmill 4. 2 for 18.1 hours; walk at the speed of treadmill 6 for 10.45 hours; run at the speed of treadmill 9 for 7.25 hours; breaststroke in a relaxed state for 5.5 hours or freestyle in a relaxed state for 3 hours.

But while losing weight and eliminating fat, it also consumes water, inorganic salts and other substances. Don’t forget that the water content of the human body is 60-70%. So the weight lost includes the part of water consumption.

Under normal circumstances, if you want to consume a catty of fat, you need to consume at least 3,500 to 4,000 calorie. To be exact, 3,850 calorie is equal to a catty of fat, and 7,700 calorie is equal to one kilogram of fat. The maximum daily consumption capacity of ordinary people is only 3,000 to 5,000 calorie. Athletes and some people engaged in special occupations can consume more, and such consumption data is in the absence of intake at all, and everyone needs to consume a certain amount of calorie every day. If you don’t consume any calorie at all, simply consuming it will lead to malnutrition, severe hypoglycemia and even sepsis.

If a person does not eat any high-calorie foods and only eats some low-calorie foods, the daily intake of calories is also a minimum of 500 to 800 calorie. If you eat a little more, or if the calories are slightly higher, you will form a thousand calorie to 1,500 calorie. If you want to lose a catty every day, you need to consume more than 3,850 calorie intake through exercise. Only to this ratio can you lose a catty every day. That is to say, it is more difficult to lose a catty every day. Only persistent exercise and diet can make weight loss have a good effect.

The so-called negative calorie foods are just some low-calorie or high-fiber foods, which are easy to make people feel full. We need energy to digest any food we eat. This is the food thermal effect. The thermal effect of general food only accounts for about 10% of the total food consumption, and the energy consumption is still relatively small. Therefore, there are no foods that can truly achieve negative calorie as mentioned in the rumors.

If you feel that the effect is too slow by controlling your diet and strengthening your exercise, you can also use some medical weight loss methods appropriately, such as fat-dissolving needles or laser fat-dissolving. These do not require surgery. Not only is the weight loss effect good, but the harm to the body is also very small. After losing weight successfully, you must still control your diet, otherwise obesity will still rebound.

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