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How to control the feeding amount of Brazilian turtles?

Most of the methods used to control the feeding amount of Brazilian turtles are to eat less and more meals. When feeding food every day, you can reduce the amount of each feeding, and feed 5% of your body weight each time. You can increase the number of feeds per day, which not only prevents them from overeating, but also avoids water pollution due to food.

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Feed too much food at one time. If they can’t eat it, too much food will be in the water, which can easily lead to various turtle diseases by polluting the water quality.

How to raise Brazilian grass turtles?

1. Brazilian turtles are omnivorous, but they are partial to animal bait. Under artificial feeding conditions, they mainly use poultry, pigs and other animal offal, fly maggots and mealworms. Appropriately match fruits, vegetables and mixed feeds to enhance their body nutrients. In spring and autumn, add vitamin E powder and antibiotics to increase the number of eggs conceived and enhance the constitution of turtles. Daily feeding should be regular, fixed-point and fixed-quality.

2. Brazilian turtles should be kept clean and change the water frequently. The water temperature should be kept above 25 ° C. The replacement water must be treated with dechlorination to ensure the water quality. In addition, clean the bottom sand frequently. Avoid the reproduction of bacteria and pests.

3. Brazilian turtle breeding should not be too dense. It should be graded in size. Turtles will also prey on the weak. If a large number of turtles should be raised in compartments, usually 30 to 40 at an interval, which is easy to manage and can promote growth.

4. Brazilian turtles have the habit of basking in the sun but cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time. Outdoor turtle boxes cannot be placed in places with direct sunlight for a long time, and must have shade facilities. If you raise turtles indoors, you can install an ultraviolet lamp 30 cm away from the turtle box for 15 to 20 minutes a day. Pay attention to the escape of turtles in the box, and it is best to add a net cover. In winter, the water temperature drops to allow it to hibernate. When basking in the sun, you should avoid dry sun exposure for a long time. It is best to soak water in Because ultraviolet rays will penetrate the water, killing bacteria and viruses such as parasites in the turtle shell. At the same time, the turtle shell will absorb calcium ions to harden the turtle shell. Hibernation is best to put some sand, weeds or hay in the place where the turtle haunts, which is taller than the turtle standing up and has a larger area. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, the sand will not be hot, because this will disturb the turtle’s hibernation and make it easy to wake up. This will destroy the turtle’s biological clock and have a certain impact on its lifespan. Turtles that often wake up from hibernation are easy to hang. Placing the sand in a cool place as much as possible allows the turtle to dive into the sand and hibernate without being harmed by other natural enemies, such as mice, etc. It can also reduce the erosion of other organisms on him so that they can excrete the residual feces. Another turtle must let him consume enough nutrients before hibernation, and there should be many kinds, so that some fat can be accumulated for hibernation to prepare for the energy consumed by hibernation. If possible in summer, take the turtle out to bask in the sun during the day and take it back at night.

How to raise a small Brazilian turtle?

1. Young Brazilian turtles can be raised in flat-bottomed containers. Plastic pots, plastic tanks, glass jars or boxes, and aquariums are all suitable.

2. Each young turtle should have a space of five liters of water, and the water depth should not exceed the length of the turtle’s body, so that the turtle’s feet can support the ground when it comes to the surface to breathe. At the same time, bricks and stone slices must also be made or purchased for them, so that the turtle can bask on its back. Floating islands are not suitable, because young turtles often cannot climb up.

3. The water temperature that young turtles can adapt to is about 23-28 degrees Celsius. When it is cold, the air above the container should also be heated, and a cover lamp can be installed on the breeding tank to get the best of both worlds. If the water temperature is still too low, a heating rod can be installed in the water to adjust the temperature as much as possible.

How to raise adult Brazilian turtles?

1. Adult turtles require a much larger breeding tank so that they have enough room to move around. To create an ideal environment, a pair of growing Brazilian turtles needs a range of at least 100 liters of water. If the breeding tank is too small, the Brazilian turtle will quickly become fat and sluggish. If it falls into the water on all fours, it will drown because it cannot turn over.

2. The size of the breeding container also causes cases of stunted tortoise shell. Large plastic pots, aquariums or large wooden containers covered with plastic cloth can be used as turtle tanks. Tanks with drainage holes are the most convenient because they are easy to change water and clean frequently.

3. In order to make the water temperature in the breeding tank reach the temperature that the Brazilian tortoise likes, use the heating rod used in the aquarium to prevent the equipment and wiring from getting stuck. You can also put an electric felt on the bottom outside the breeding tank, and synthetic resin rubber can be used as an insulating material under the electric felt. But the water temperature should not be higher than the outside temperature (about 25 to 30 degrees Celsius) to avoid the Brazilian tortoise getting cold.

How do Brazilian tortoises divide male and female?

From the appearance, there is no obvious difference between the female and male of the Brazilian tortoise, but there is a big difference in weight. Generally speaking, when the female of the Brazilian tortoise weighs 1000 grams and the male individual weighs 250 grams, their sex can be distinguished.

Male tortoises: The carapace is long and narrow, the center of the carapace is slightly inverted, the tail is thick and long, the base of the tail is thick, the bleed hole is far from the posterior edge of the abdominal carapace, and the two anal shields of the abdominal carapace form a deep notch, and the notch angle is small. The carapace is long and narrow, the center of the abdominal carapace is slightly inverted, the tail is thick and long, the base of the tail is thick, and the bleed hole is located outside the abdominal carapace. Or press the limbs of the tortoise with your fingers to make it unable to extend, and its reproductive organs will protrude from the reproductive hole, that is, the male tortoise, and the weight of the male does not exceed 600 grams.

Female tortoise: The base of the tail is thin, the excretion hole is close to the posterior edge of the abdominal armor, and the notch formed by the two anal shields of the abdominal armor is shallow, and the notch angle is large. The carapace is short and wide, the flat center of the abdominal armor has no depression, the tail is thin and short, and the excretion hole is located within the abdominal armor. Or press the limbs of the tortoise with your fingers to make it unable to extend, and the excretion hole secretes liquid, that is, the female tortoise, and the female individual weighs up to 1000-2500 grams.

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