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How to connect the Huawei mini scale ch21 to the mobile phone?

First turn on Bluetooth, enter the sports health that comes with the mobile phone, click the device in the option bar below, enter the device options, enter the device interface, we can see the relevant devices currently connected to the mobile phone, and click Add Device below.

ch 16 weight management quizlet

Then, in the Add Device interface, we select the body fat scale model ch21 we want to connect, and then, we click Start Pairing at the bottom of the connection interface. Finally, we follow the prompts on the mobile phone, stand on the body fat scale and make the led light light on to automatically connect.

ch sweater size comparison?

Sweater size height comparison table:

Height is about 165cm, weight is 100-60 kg, it is recommended to choose XL size (165); Height is about 170cm, weight is 110-65 kg, it is recommended to choose 2XL size (170); Height is about 175cm, weight is 130-75 kg, it is recommended to choose 3XL size (175); Height is about 180cm, weight is 140-82.5 kg, it is recommended to choose 4XL size (180);

The size of the clothes is from small to large, s, m, l, xl, xxl, xxxl, s The corresponding height is generally 160-165, and so on, xxl The corresponding height should be 180-185.

Choose the size according to your height and weight.

How to form a word for a polyphonic word?

1. Name [chèng]: Group of words: name, nickname, salutation, title, praise

2. Name [chèn]: Group of words: symmetrical, satisfactory, competent

3. Name [chèng]: same as “scale”

Extended data

Polyphonic words refer to a word with two or more pronunciations. Different pronunciations have different meanings, different usages, and often different parts of speech. Pronunciation has the effect of distinguishing parts of speech and word meanings; according to different usage situations, pronunciation is also different, and pronunciation has the effect of distinguishing usage.

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