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How to complete the skin test for beauty practice?

There is an APP called “beauty practice”. You enter a product, and her ingredient list will appear. It will be scored according to the degree of irritation of various ingredients. After you have done the skin test, it will also evaluate which ingredients of this product are beneficial to your skin and which will irritate your skin according to your skin type.

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This is what I generally refer to when buying skin care products.

Skin assessment method?

Commonly used skin test methods are: naked eye observation method, tissue wiping method, beauty magnifying glass observation method, beauty perspective lamp observation method, and computer skin test method.

The naked eye observation method After thoroughly cleansing the face with a facial cleanser, dry the water with a towel, and the skin will feel tight. Without any skin care products, quietly observe the skin condition and calculate the time when the skin tightness disappears. If the tightness disappears about 30 minutes after washing the face, it is normal skin; if the tightness disappears within 20 minutes after washing the face, it is oily skin; if the tightness disappears about 40 minutes after washing the face, it is dry skin.

How to do a skin care product allergy test?

A skin care product allergy test can be done behind the ear or on the inside of the arm. Take a small amount of skin care products and apply them to the inside of the arm or behind the ear. Observe whether there is redness, swelling, tingling, itching and wind within 12 hours. If there is no such situation, it means that you are not allergic; if these situations occur and say you are allergic, do not use such skin care products. Because the skin behind the ear is closer to the facial skin, and the skin behind the ear and inside the arm are relatively hidden, if there is an allergy phenomenon, redness, tingling, itching, and wind bumps will not affect the appearance. Allergies try to use some plant-based skin care products, and use less chemical synthetic skin care products to reduce skin irritation.

Quick evaluation of your own skin type?

1. The face washing test method uses the duration of skin tightness after cleansing to make a simple judgment. Dry skin tightness disappears in about 40 minutes; neutral skin tightness disappears in about 30 minutes; oily skin tightness disappears in the shortest time, only about 20 minutes.

2. The tissue test method is to use a tissue to wipe and check the overnight facial skin without external skin care products. Oily skin has more oil stains, neutral skin has less oil, and dry skin has the least amount of oil, or even only a little oil stains.

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