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How to check whether cosmetics are qualified?

1. How to check whether cosmetics are qualified

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You can enter the relevant national websites to inquire. If you can’t inquire, the result is false.

1. 1. Enter the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to inquire whether the enterprise is registered with the Administration for Industry and Commerce.

1. 2. Enter the State Food and Drug Administration to inquire about cosmetics, whether it is domestic or imported cosmetics.

2. Can you tell if the cosmetics are genuine by scanning the code?

As for whether to scan the product to know the authenticity, industry insiders say, “The barcode of the product is just a string of characters, which is reproducible and not anti-counterfeiting.” So there is no way to know the authenticity.

In addition, is the product that cannot be found fake? Industry insiders say that the authenticity of the product is not necessarily related to the query results. “Some QR code software databases used may not have scanned product information for the time being, so it cannot explain the authenticity.” Industry insiders said, “If some counterfeit manufacturers crack the QR code and spray genuine QR codes on counterfeit and shoddy products, of course, it cannot be detected with mobile phones.”

3. Which national department is responsible for checking whether cosmetics are qualified

The local and city (including prefecture and city) health and epidemic prevention departments are responsible for the hygiene supervision of the production of cosmetics within the jurisdiction, and the county (including county) health and epidemic prevention departments are responsible for the hygiene supervision of the sales of cosmetics in the jurisdiction.

Health and epidemic prevention stations are food hygiene and disease prevention institutions. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, our country has been adhering to the construction of health and epidemic prevention, and has made great achievements, especially in the control and monitoring of various infectious diseases, and gradually eliminated the development and prevalence of various infectious diseases. In order to keep in line with international standards, and at the same time China implements the reform of the disease control and health supervision system, due to changes in functions, health and epidemic prevention stations at all levels began in 2002. After being separated from health supervision offices (bureaus), they were renamed the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc). By 2004, the basic name change was completed. Except for a few industries and systems, health and epidemic prevention stations are basically no longer used.

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