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How to calculate the large base of weight?

The large base generally refers to the overweight of 10 kg and above.

tier 2 weight management

The base generally refers to the overweight of 10 kg and above, and the small base is about 5 kg overweight compared to the large base.

The algorithm for the body base of men and women is as follows:

Male: Height (CM) -105 = Weight (KG).

Female: Height (CM) -110 = Weight (KG).

Small base refers to the fat content that is relatively small and the fat layer is thinner. (For example, a person with a height of 160 and a current weight of 50kg ready to be -5kg can be called a small base.) Small base and its relatively large base are words often mentioned by dieters. Usually, the weight loss base is the weight at the beginning of weight loss, and the small base generally refers to the relatively light weight at the beginning, which can basically be equivalent to the BMI index, also known as the body mass index.

Large base is a set theory term. Uncountable base that satisfies some special properties. Such as “unreachable base”, “measurable base”, “ultra-compact base”, etc. are all large bases. Among them, the unreachable base is the smallest large base. In the axiomatic set theory ZFC system, it is neither possible to prove the existence of a large base nor deny the existence of a large base.

Weight 73 kg How much can it cost to climb 30 floors?

A weight of 73 kilograms can be consumed by climbing 30 floors

Second, it is very complicated to calculate the total consumption of climbing 30 floors. Here I will only calculate its effective consumption. That is to say, it is equivalent to lifting a 73-kilogram object 100 meters (each floor height is calculated by 3. 3 meters). Work done: 73 × 9. 8 × 100 = 71540 joules. Then according to the thermal work equivalent, it is equivalent to the consumption of 71540 ÷ 4. 2 = 17033. 33 calories

How many times do you need to climb the 34th floor during the fat loss period?

To calculate the number of climbs on the 34th floor, you need to know the height of each floor. Generally speaking, the height of each floor is about 3 meters. Then determine how much weight needs to be lost to achieve the fat loss goal. Usually, about 7700 kcal of calories need to be consumed for every 1 kg of body weight lost. Assuming that 20 kcal is consumed per climb, then it can be calculated using the following formula: Weight to be lost during the fat loss period (kg) = (Height of each floor (m) × Number of floors)/(Kcal consumed per climb) × (Kcal required for fat loss per kg of body weight) Assuming that the height of each floor is 3 meters and 10 kg of body weight needs to be lost, the calculation process is as follows: Number of floors to be climbed during the fat loss period = (3 × 34)/(20 × 7700 × 10) Technologies 0. 019 indicates that about 0 needs to be climbed. 019 Building Note: This is only an estimate, the actual results may be related to individual physical conditions and weight changes. It is best to consult a professional before formulating a specific exercise plan.

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