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How to budget the amount of centralized procurement?

You can inquire about the market price of the materials purchased centrally, and then make a weighted average according to the price purchased at the latest time. Then compare with the market inquiry and make a price budget for centralized procurement according to the floating range.

weighting system in conduct procurement project management

To make a procurement budget, it is generally necessary to constantly understand the market price and the price of recent purchases, find out the law of price increase and decrease of the market price, and calculate the floating range of the procurement budget.

What does weighted cost price mean?

Weighted cost price means the average price, which is divided into one-time average weighting and moving average weighting. The calculation is as follows: An average weighting is once at the end of the month to calculate the average purchase cost of the ending inventory: Formula = (cost at the beginning of the month actual warehousing cost this month)/(quantity at the beginning of the month warehousing quantity this month) Moving average weighting is automatically calculated by the system for each warehousing. Formula = (inventory cost before warehousing this time actual cost of warehousing this time)/(quantity before warehousing this time) That is, the one-time weighted cost is calculated once a month, while the moving weighted cost is calculated once for each warehousing.

Detailed process of centralized procurement?

Centralized procurement refers to the centralized procurement of multiple departments or units within an enterprise or organization, and centralized procurement is carried out through a unified process and mechanism. The following is the general centralized procurement process:

1. Demand Confirmation: Each department or unit provides the centralized procurement department with procurement requirements, including required items, quantity, specification requirements, delivery date, etc.

2. Market Survey: The centralized procurement department conducts market survey to find suitable suppliers, and collects information such as market price, quality of items.

3. Purchase invite tenders or inquiry: According to the procurement needs, the centralized procurement department initiates invite tenders or inquiry activities, invites suitable suppliers to participate in the competition, and submits quotations or bidding documents.

4. Bid evaluation or evaluation: The centralized procurement department conducts bid evaluation or evaluation of suppliers according to the results of invite tenders or inquiry, and comprehensively considers factors such as price, quality, delivery time, etc., to select the most suitable supplier.

5. Contract signing: Negotiate with win the bidding suppliers, negotiate contract terms, including item specifications, quantity, price, delivery method, payment method, etc., and sign a formal procurement contract.

6. Delivery and acceptance: Suppliers deliver items according to the time and method agreed in the contract, and the centralized procurement department conducts acceptance to confirm whether the items meet the quality and quantity requirements.

7. Settlement and Payment: Check the invoices and delivery records of suppliers, and settle and pay according to the payment method and time limit agreed in the contract.

8. Supplier Management: Maintain a good cooperative relationship with suppliers, conduct supplier evaluation and performance appraisal, and supervise, manage and communicate with suppliers.

It should be noted that the centralized procurement process of different organizations or enterprises may vary according to specific circumstances, such as involving special materials, large amount of items, and may also need to carry out legal compliance review and procurement approval and other links. Therefore, in actual operation, it should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

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