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How to apply skin care products after applying medicine?

Use skin care products first.

superdrug skin care routine

1. Cleanse your face first, then use toner. When the toner dries, then use ointment. After more than half an hour, use moisturizing milk or cream. Give the medicine a certain amount of time to penetrate into the skin.

2. You can also use ointment after applying moisturizing milk or cream, so you don’t need to wait for time.

3. But sunscreen should be used after ointment. Sunscreen is the last skin care product to be used. Apply ointment after moisturizing. It is recommended to apply sunscreen at intervals of more than half an hour.

Correct order of use of essential oils and skin care products?

1 Use cleansing products first to remove dirt from the face. 2 Then use toner or lotion to shrink pores, adjust skin pH, moisturize and other effects. 3 If you need to use serum, you can use it after toner. Since the molecules of serum are relatively small, it can better penetrate into the skin and play a role in improving skin quality. 4 Finally, use moisturizing products such as lotions and creams to lock in skin moisture and maintain skin moisture. Content extension: When using essential oils and skin care products, you should fully consider your skin type and the ingredients of the product, and choose the product that suits you. In addition, the order of use can also be adjusted appropriately by individual needs. At the same time, be careful not to rely too much on cosmetics, and you should also condition your skin from the inside.

How to complain, return, and apply for compensation when buying medicines and skin care products on Taobao?

There is currently no such complaint acceptance seems.

Generally, it is not allowed to sell medicines on Taobao, and only pharmacies that need to apply for special medicine can sell medicines. As for skin care products, Taobao acceptance is generally accepted within 10 days after you have not confirmed receipt, and 30 days after you have not made an evaluation. If you insist on using them up and then complaining, it seems that it will not work. Moreover, generally drugs and skin care products should be able to see the effect within half a month, and you don’t need to use them up to feel it.

Are skin care products medicines?

Skin care products are definitely not medicines and cannot cure diseases

Can I go to a pharmacy to brush skin care products with a medical insurance card?


City Medical Insurance Center Staff Introduction: Using a social security card to buy medicines in a designated medical institution can only buy medicines in the medical insurance catalog, not health care products; Any behavior of exchanging medicines (substances), reselling medicines, applying and falsely opening inspection and treatment items to defraud medical insurance funds, as well as over-dose, over-range purchase of medicines, hoarding medicines, etc. to steal medical insurance funds is illegal.

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