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How to apply makeup to rough skin with large pores?

If you apply makeup primer to large pores, you should rub more makeup primer. If you have large pores, you can often replenish more water by replenishing water, which can improve the phenomenon of large pores on the skin, and it is better to apply makeup.

skin care routine for rough skin

When taking care of your skin, you can’t rub too oily, try to choose a refreshing one.

You can apply some makeup primer that covers the pores on the large pores. When you apply the foundation, you can use a sponge. After finishing, apply a layer of honey powder to control oil and make the makeup last longer.

Zhongcaoji skin care steps?

Complete care steps include: Cleansing – Adjust skin texture – Toning – Balance and moisturize – Protection

1. Step: Cleansing

The role of cleansing: Skin cleansing is the most important foundation for maintenance. It includes makeup removal and daily cleansing. Usually, makeup removal is followed by cleansing. Cleansing work once a day in the morning and once a night can gently and thoroughly remove makeup, surface oil and dirt from your face.

2. Step 2: Adjust skin texture

If the cuticle is too thick, the skin loses its transparency and becomes rough and dark, and it also hinders the absorption of nutrients from skin care products. After the age of 25, due to the slow metabolism of the skin, the normal shedding of the stratum corneum will also slow down, and the stratum corneum will gradually accumulate and become thicker. This requires developing a skin care habit of regularly removing the accumulated dead skin to restore the skin to transparency and softness.

3. Step 3: Toning

The function of toning is to clean again to restore the pH value on the surface of the skin, replenish and maintain the skin for a long time, and condition the stratum corneum to prepare for the use of skin care products, so that the skin can better absorb.

4. Step 4: Balanced Nourishing

Balanced Nourishing Function: Balanced Nourishing refers to the use of lotions, or cream maintenance steps, which can replenish essential moisture and nutrients to the skin, fully moisturize the skin, and keep the skin soft and smooth.

5. Step 5; Protection

Protection Function: Use foundation to avoid direct contact between dust and pollution and the skin, protect the skin, and give the skin a smooth, shapely luster.

How to take care of rough hands?

Wash your hands with warm water as much as possible to soften the skin on your hands, avoid contact with irritating substances such as detergents, washing powders, etc. Apply vitamin E ointment and other moisturizing skin care products to your hands, and cooperate with hand massage.

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