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How to apply base makeup to liquid foundation?

The correct steps to apply base makeup to liquid foundation are as follows:

skin care routine before foundation

1. Preparation tools: First, prepare the tools required to apply base makeup, such as foundation brush, sponge block or finger. Choose the appropriate makeup application tool according to personal preference and skin type.

2. Skin care: Before applying foundation, perform basic skin care, such as cleansing, toning, emollient, sun protection, etc., to ensure that the skin remains stable during the subsequent makeup application process.

3. Primer: Use a barrier cream or primer to base the skin. It can improve the docility and durability of the base makeup, while also covering pores and smoothing the skin. After applying the primer, wait for a while for it to work.

4. Color Test: Test the color on the inside of your hand or neck to find the color number of the liquid foundation that suits you. When choosing the color number, consider the natural color of the skin and the seasonal changes.

5. Apply Liquid Foundation: Take an appropriate amount of liquid foundation (usually the size of mung beans) and apply it evenly on the face with your finger or makeup tool. Apply evenly from the inside out, from top to bottom. During the application process, you can gently pat with your finger or makeup tool to help the foundation better adsorb on the skin.

6. Concealer: As needed, use concealer to cover facial blemishes, such as dark circles, acne marks, etc. When applying concealer, gently apply with your finger or concealer brush to blend naturally with the surrounding skin.

7. Setting: After applying the foundation, use loose powder or setting spray to set your makeup. Setting can improve the durability of the base makeup, reduce oil secretion, and make the skin look more refreshing.

8. Follow-up makeup: According to personal preference, you can continue to apply other cosmetics, such as concealer, trim, highlight, etc., to create a more three-dimensional makeup look.

During the makeup application process, pay attention to keep the technique gentle and avoid excessive application to achieve a natural and transparent makeup effect. At the same time, choose the appropriate foundation and makeup tool according to personal skin type and needs.

Skin care steps before applying foundation?

1. Toner

The correct skin care process before applying foundation is to cleanse the face, first pat it into a layer of toner or makeup water on the face, the absorption of water-like skin care products is fast, the moisturizing effect is direct, suitable for the first use, moisturizing the surface of the skin.

2. Essence

The application of toner is to prepare for the absorption of subsequent skin care products. Essence is not a skin care product that must be applied, because the essence has a high moisturizing degree and is more suitable for women of a certain age.

3. After applying the essence of the lotion

, you can use the lotion to apply to the whole face for moisturizing and hydrating. The lotion has high moisturizing degree and good moisturizing effect. It is a must-have skin care product for moisturizing and skin care all year round.

4. Cream

Lotion and cream can actually replace each other. For oily skin, if you are afraid of too thick makeup, you can choose only one of the lotion and cream to apply.

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