Weight management

How to adjust the pigment skin tone?

Use non-irritating skin care products for regular maintenance.

skin care routine for melanin

Use traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning to balance the body’s endocrine, which can effectively improve this phenomenon.

Avoid long-term exposure to the sun, and take good sun protection measures when you go out.

Eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as lemons and oranges.

Keep a happy mood, avoid big joy, big anger and big sadness, and keep enough sleep.

Appropriately increase the amount of exercise to enhance your body’s function. Improve immunity.

Basic steps for skin care at night?

The order of using skin care products during the day is as follows: cleansing → toner → muscle bottom fluid → essence → lotion → face cream → sunscreen. Then make up on this basis.

The order of using skin care products at night is as follows: makeup remover → cleansing → toner → eye cream → essence → lotion → face cream.

For details, please refer to the following steps:

1. Cleansing, first put the facial cleanser on your hands or rub it with a foaming net to lather, and then massage and rub it on your face in circles, so as to fully clean the dust and some dirty things on your face, but pay attention that the facial cleanser should not stay on your face for more than one minute. If it takes too long, it will damage the skin.

2. Toner, toner is the most basic step in skin care in the morning and evening, and it is also used immediately after washing the face. It can also be used on the face for secondary cleansing, laying the foundation for the next skin care.

3. Eye cream, first take two rice-sized eye creams and put them on the ring finger, rub them together, warm the eye cream, and then gently massage the eyes. After massaging, use your fingers like playing a piano to promote the absorption of the eye cream, and then rub your fingers hot and apply them to the eyes.

4. Essence, the use of essence is to better lock in moisture. First cover the essence with both hands, and then pat it on the face from bottom to top. Although it is a pat, the strength is more like pressing, and the excess essence in the hand is used to lift the neck.

5. Lotion/cream, first take the lotion or cream and apply it to the five places of the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, and then start from the nose to the cheeks, and then to the temples. Finally, don’t forget the neck. In order to repair and prevent the appearance of neck lines, lift massage from the bottom up, etc.

6. Sunscreen, you need sunscreen every day, no matter it rains, blows, sunny weather, winter, summer. If you don’t apply sunscreen, you will also grow spots, accelerate aging, sunburn, fine lines, allergies, enlarged pores, etc.

7. Remove makeup. The correct steps to remove makeup are the eyes, lips, and face. Soak the cotton pad with makeup remover first, then apply it to the eyes for 30 seconds before wiping it off, giving the makeup a time to dissolve, which will better remove the legacy of makeup. Wipe the face skin carefully with a new cotton pad, and it must be wiped to the cotton pad without any color.

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