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How to activate VICHY vc?

The activation method of VICHY vc is as follows: 1. After opening the VICHY vc serum, you need to open the package of the serum, drop the serum on the tiger’s mouth, then apply the serum to the face from the inside out, and gently massage to promote skin absorption. 2. You can also drop the VICHY vc serum on a cotton pad, and then gently wipe the face from bottom to top, from the inside out, so that the skin can fully absorb the nutrients of the VICHY vc serum. VICHY is a leading brand of professional sensitive skin care worldwide. A brand of L’Oreal, one of the three major French cosmeceutical brands, and one of the top ten cosmeceutical brands in the world. Weizi interprets the beauty of natural health with its unique concept.

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Weizi’s vc skin care sequence?

After cleansing, use essence after skin care water, followed by lotion, cream, etc. After these are used, use oily products. The more refreshing the texture, the thinner the skin care products should be used first. If you use the cream first, the essence will not penetrate the skin smoothly

The correct order of use of general skin care products should be: cleansing, lotion, essence, eye cream, lotion, face cream.

Lotion can also play a role in secondary cleansing in addition to moisturizing, so it should be placed in the first step of skin care. The essence is very high in nutrients and absorbs well. It should be applied to the face first.

The lotion can play a deep moisturizing role. The last step of the cream must not be ignored, because the main function of the cream is to help the skin lock in the replenished moisture, so it should be used in the last step.

What are the characteristics of the three cosmeceuticals “Avon, Lifuquan, and Vizi”?

Lifuquan acne series has the best reputation. Avon is for sensitive skin. If you have no sensitive problems on your face and no acne, just general skin care needs, choose Weizi. In fact, although Weizi is now a cosmeceutical makeup, it has been relatively close to daily skin care products, but it feels safer than other brands. Personally, I think Weizi’s whitening series works well

How to distinguish the authenticity of Weizi skin care products?

First, if it is a small package, it should not be counterfeit. I have also bought samples before, and I was worried about this problem. Later, I took it to the counter to show it to people. They said that to identify two kinds, one is whether there is a steel stamp, and the other is whether there is a Chinese label. In China, I have never heard anyone say that the Weizi sample is fake. The samples they sell are all bought from the franchise store. I have bought a lot of VICHY products. I am familiar with the people at the franchise store. I know that they usually have a lot of samples. Second, you can check the batch number (VICHY’s bags and small bottles are all imported from France. The edge of each small bag is pressed with a number, and the small bottles are inkjet-coded). I am afraid that the particularly cheap ones are about to expire. Generally, VICHY products start with V, followed by VB, VC, etc. VB is 2005, VC is 2006, and so on. D should be 2007. The last three digits are the day of the year, for example: VB263, which means that this thing was produced on the 263rd day of 2005 (about August), the shelf life is 3 years, and it can be used before August 2008.

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