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How to activate fitbitblaze?

1. Scan the QR code of the instruction manual with WeChat and other software. Then choose to open it in the browser. Download the app and install it after completion.

is fitbit part of army weight management

2. Open the app and display the main functions by default. Various data of exercise. Distance, number of steps, time of exercise.

3. Select sleep. Long sleep and light sleep. Need to go through the sleep process.

4. Select health, one-click physical examination, please wait patiently for the measurement process. Display heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, fatigue information.

5. Binding management of Facility Management is a must. You need to turn on Bluetooth, scan and select the bound bracelet. Only by binding the bracelet can you use other functions of the app.

6. General settings. Turn your wrist to light up the screen. Smart anti-loss.

7. Personal center, applying for an account is the first priority. Enter the mobile phone number and verification code before the software can be used. There is cloud function and network is required. Set health goals, sports goals and weight goals. Set the unit.

8. Take pictures. When this function is selected, the bracelet can take pictures by remote control of the mobile phone.

What body fat scale supports Apple Health?

Many brands of body fat scales support pairing with the Apple Health app. Here are some common brands of body fat scales that support Apple Health:

1. Omron: OmronHBF-375, OmronHBF-370, OmronHBF-380, OmronHBF-580, OmronHBF-5700 and other models.

2. Withings: WithingsBody , WithingsBody Scale, WithingsBodyCardio and other models.

3. Fitbit: FitbitAria2, FitbitAriaAir, FitbitInspire2, FitbitInspireHR and other models.

4. Eufy: EufySmartScaleP1, EufySmartScaleP3 and other models.

Of course, these are just some of the brands and models. You can carefully check the product description or consult the manufacturer or sales staff to confirm whether it supports Apple Health before purchasing. At the same time, Apple Health also supports other brands and models of body fat scales. You can view and manage this data in the app.

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