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How tall is Kevin Durant and how much does he weigh?

Kevin Durant is 2.08 meters tall and weighs 109 kilograms. Kevin Durant is a basketball player who needs to maintain good physical fitness to play to his strengths. Weight and height are important indicators of whether he can achieve the best condition. Therefore, he needs to train and diet control every day to master his weight and height.: Kevin Durant has a high reputation and influence in the NBA. He has won MVP and other awards many times. In addition, he also actively participates in charity and makes positive contributions to society.

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How old is Fatuma?

21 years old.

Fatumi Li was born on May 20, 2002 in Beijing. He is 170cm tall and weighs 48kg. She is a Chinese mainland actress.

Graduated from Barnard Women’s College, Columbia University. She is proficient in Mandarin, English, French, Japanese, Korean, and is good at piano, ballet, and writing. Daughter of Chinese mainland program host Li Yong and director Ha Wen. Representative work “ICARUS”.

Rodriguez height?


Alex Rodriguez is one of the most popular players in American professional baseball and the most influential player of the Yankees. He is an all-round super hitter. Whether it is batting average, home runs, stealing bases, RBI, fielding, all have a certain level, and his strength is recognized as the highest level in the major leagues. As early as in his young college days, many teams have taken a fancy to his skills. When he joined the Mariners in 1993, he joined professional baseball at the youngest age and quickly rose to the major league position in just one year.

What is Durant’s height and weight?

Height: 208cm

Weight: 108.9kg

Kevin Durant, full name Kevin Wayne Durant, American professional basketball player, as a small forward, plays for the NBA Brooklyn Nets.

On April 11, 2007, Durant officially announced to participate in the 2007 NBA draft. Durant said, “I have a very happy year in Texas, everyone here treats me like family, I will always be a member of the Longhorn, and I will never forget what the people here have done for me”. Durant and Oden both rank in the top two in the mock draft rankings of major draft websites.

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