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How tall is Coconut Tree kk?

165 cm

kkh weight management programme

Coconut Tree Simei is 165 cm tall. The four female live streaming hosts of Coconut Tree Group call Coconut Tree Simei. The first one is called Xiaoyue, which is the main store of food live streaming and travel photography, the second Xiaowei food live streaming host is the main store of exploration, the third Jingru is the travel photography category, which focuses on the wind and scenery of various places, and the fourth one is called kk. Is it an advertising model.

Details of Shen Changmin and Zheng Yunhao?

Name: chang-minShim

Chinese Name: Shen Changmin Korean Name:

Birthday: 1988. 2. 18

Constellation: Aquarius

Height: 186cm

Weight: 63kg

Blood Type: B Type

Interests: Music Appreciation, Singing

Specialties: Singing, Basketball, Swimming, Playing Games Character: No scheming, no anger, once angry, it will be terrible

Favorite Singer: KangTaHysung

Ideal Girl Type: Good personality, cute, coquettish girl. Very impressive books and movies: “Harry Potter” series Treasure No. 1: Family, CD When looking at people, the first thing to look at is: Tourist places that the eyes want to go to: European tourist ship travel hate My own time: When I want to do something but I don’t do it well. When I see the most amazing time: The appearance of singing. If I have money: All for my parents. Winning: The 6th SMBest Selection Conference Grand Prize and Singing Award Champion Changmin’s stage name [The Strongest MAX] means to be the strongest person in the Asian singing industry

(The Strongest Changmin :최강창민)

Name: U-Know Yu Yunho

Real name: Zheng Yunhao —유노윤호

Birthday: February 6, 1986 Blood type: A

Height: 184CM

Weight: 66KK

Personality: Naughty, cheerful, physical preservation method: sleep a lot.

Right name: To understand each other. Favorite manga hero: HUANGBOREAOM in “Tryouts”

Favorite things: model cars do in the car: listen to music

Favorite place: blue court

Favorite clothes: Japanese fashion clothes Oriental Shenqi FANS words come to mind: red is very much in the memory words: don’t give up interest: dance, listen to music. WEITEPLAYING Favorite singer: UYENGJIN (that is, the singer of SM. Also often writes songs) KANGTA. Backstreet Boys Treasure No. 1: Family Favorite Girl: Cute and lively, sensible girl. Nasty Type Girl: Ghost Girl Habit: Sit down and fall asleep for 10 seconds. Musical Instrument: Not now. But I want to learn drums and piano. What I will look like in 10 years: Become a real musician. Be a good dad. (La… known all over the world…) Cooking: Ramen. Seaweed Bun Favorite movie: “My Savage Girlfriend” Gift for my girlfriend: Make a CD of my own songs and give gifts. What I must want to do after having a girlfriend: Hold hands together and watch the fireworks. Confession to my girlfriend: Use a special method to touch her perfectly.

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