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How tall is Bass Ultraman?

The official height of Bass Ultraman is 76 meters, weight 54,000 tons, running speed Mach 7, water speed Mach 2.5, ground speed Mach 1.5, jumping power, 1000 meters, wrist strength 180,000 tons, grip strength 8. 90,000 tons

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Bass Ultraman, a character in the Japanese special photo “Ultraman” series and its derivatives, the heroine of the animation “USA Ultraman: The Adventure Begins”.

Bass is an Ultraman from the planet Altera in the M78 nebula. Together with his partners Scott and Chuck, he chased the monster planet to Earth. Bass is the first female Ultraman in the Heisei era and the fourth female Ultraman on earth.

FTI member introduction?

Choi Jong-hoon (captain lead guitar keyboard piano) (ChoiJongHoon) After Warner obtained the agency in Asia (except Thailand), it was officially announced as: Choi Jong-hoon POSITION: Leader, LeadGuitar, Piano, Keyboard Japanese name :チェジョンフン( Roman: cyejyonhun) Birthday: March 7, 1990 (lunar calendar 2. 11) Constellation: Pisces Height: 178CM Weight: 61KG Blood Type: Type A Birthplace: Seoul Education: Digital Seoul University of Culture and Arts Interests: Listening to songs, surfing the Internet Personality: Greasy, active team Atmosphere Family: Parents Nickname: Zhong Shen, Sexy Zhong Xun, Cui Greasy, Squad, Sculpture Captain, Secretary, Cui Sang, Cui Internet Charm Center Point: Nose Favorite Things: Food, Music Favorite Korean Stars: Jung Ji-hyun Senior Rain (BI) starred in Hong Zhenying’s MV “Battery of Love” in 2009 Ideal Type: Han Yisse, the heroine in the fantasy couple, is his ideal type (Korean Island. S02. E08) f (x) Victoria Movie: 2011 “Pet Lover” (playing the younger brother of the heroine in the play, starring: Jang Geun Suk, Kim Ha Na) Gentle co-singer Song Seung Hyun (Song Seung Hyun) (rhythm guitar co-lead Rap) (SongSeungHyun) POSITION: RhythmGuitar, BackingVocal, Rap (joined the band in January 2009) Japanese name :ソンスンヒョン( Roman: sonsunhyon) Birthday: August 21, 1992 (lunar calendar 7.23) Constellation: Leo Height: 181 cm Weight: 60kg Blood type: O type Education: Kyunghee University Character: cheerful, lively, sixteenth dimension Introduction: slender, and has a well-defined appearance. Nickname: Song Tianbao, Tiantian, Xiao Liu, Song Xiaoliao, Sixteen Dimensions Family: Dad, Mom, Brother Religion: Christian Charm Point Center Point: Smile, Smiling Eyes, Slender Legs In the Circle Friends: SHINee-key, 2AM-Zhenyun, U-Kiss-Donghao, Mighty Mouse-ShorryJ (Co-host “Idol Old and Young Rebellious Era”) C. N. Blue- Lee Zongyun and other favorite Korean groups: Dongfang Shenqi Ideal Type: A girl with a kind heart, going to church often, cute and sexy. Now it is said in the time of Huamei and Li Zhuyan in AFTERSCHOOL. In 2012, she starred in the musical [Jack the Ripper]. FC Music, FTIsland’s affiliate company, said: “New members will replace Wu Yuanbin who quit the team, so the band will still operate in a group of 5 people. Considering that FTIsland is a teenage boy band, Song Chengxuan with extraordinary strength and sensibility was selected. Cute Bass Lee Jae-jin (Lee Jae-jin) (bass co-lead) (LeeJaeJin

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