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How tall and how heavy is Xilin Nayi?

165cm, 44kg.

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Xilin Nayi’s height is about 1.65 meters, but the weight does not match the height at all, it is 43.75kg.

Xilin Nayi Gao (CurleyG), born in Beijing on July 31, 1998, Chinese mainland pop female singer, female singing group Hard Candy Girl 303 captain and C position…

In 2016, she participated in the Zhejiang Satellite TV singing talent show “The First Season of China’s New Songs” and became one of the top five local auditions in Singapore……

On February 1, 2022, he participated in the “2022 Jiangsu Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala” and sang the song “Wings of Light”.

Who knows the details of Cai Chunjia?

Chinese Name: Cai Chunjia Foreign Name: JoiChua Nationality: Singapore Date of Birth: August 3, 1978 Occupation: Singer Graduate College: Singapore Polytechnic Agency: MUSICSTREET Representative Works: “Sunrise”

Place of Origin: Fujian Province, China Constellation: Leo Height: 168cm Weight: 48kg Family Members: Father, Brother and Brother Cai Chunjia Promotional Single “Attachment”

Education Level: Singapore Polytechnic Department of Optometry Language: English, Mandarin and Hokkien Countries or regions visited: Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Chinese mainland Favorite female singers: Wang Fei, SARAHMcLACHLAN, CARLYSIMONSUZANNAVEGA Favorite male singers: Zhou Huajian, Lin Zhixuan Favorite actresses: MICHELLEPFEIFFERGWYNETHPALTRON like Actor: MATTDAMONTOMHANKS (Tom Hanks) Favorite Songs: Jazz Favorite Movies: SLEEPLESSINSEATTLE (Seattle Sleepless Night) Watch QIANKECC Know the World

Hemodialysis Specialist Nurse Training Content?

Hemodialysis Specialist Nurse Training Program Training

Through various stages of training and work, new nurses can adapt to hospital nursing work as soon as possible, fully grasp various nursing rules and regulations, responsibilities, work processes, nursing technical operation specifications, nursing work methods, enrich basic nursing theories and skills, familiarize themselves with the characteristics of hemodialysis room specialty diseases, adapt to hemodialysis room specialty nursing work, initially master the knowledge and skills of specialty nursing, and smoothly transition to the next stage of hemodialysis room specialty nurse training.

1. The first stage

1. Familiar with the “Nurses Regulations” and other laws and regulations;

2. Familiar with the rules and regulations of nursing work, the key core system and the hemodialysis room specialty system;

3. Familiar with the responsibilities of nursing positions and the work processes of each shift, standards, and the contents of each responsibility group;

4. Familiar with the writing specifications of nursing documents Medical | Learning and teaching | Education network arrangement;

5. Familiar with the professional ethics and etiquette service norms of nurses, and the communication skills of nurses and patients;

6. Master the structural layout of the hemodialysis room, and the environmental requirements of the three-zone division;

7 Master the principles, indications, and treatment purposes of blood purification;

8. Familiar with the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, and treatment principles of hemodialysis patients;

9. Proficient in basic nursing theory and operation skills.

II. Second stage

1. Master the basic professional skills – the preparation of heparin solution; the installation and pre-flushing of dialysis pipelines;

2. Master the basic professional theory – the composition and function of dialysate; the principle, maintenance and monitoring of water treatment systems; the quality monitoring of dialysis water;

3. Master the performance and operation methods of various hemodialysis machines;

4. Master the treatment process, reception and registration procedures of dialysis patients;

5. Master the recording methods and precautions of various blood purification care records and various registration forms;

6. Master the basic hospital sense knowledge Hemodialysis room disinfection and isolation system, occupational protection and occupational exposure treatment procedures; 7. Master the maintenance and use of commonly used instruments and rescue equipment in hemodialysis rooms; 8. Master the collection, registration and confirmation procedures of patient dialysis expenses.

3. The third stage

1. Master the types, mechanisms of action and medication norms of common dialysis drugs;

2. Master the specifications of blood transfusion and blood products in dialysis patients;

3. Master the routine laboratory indicators and inspection items of dialysis patients, methods, significance, and precautions for specimen collection;

4. Familiar with the selection, use, and complications of anticoagulants in dialysis patients;

5. Familiar with the routine care of hemodialysis specialists, and master the basic content of dialysis patient health education, including vascular access protection, dietary guidance, medication guidance, etc.;

6. Familiar with common dialysis patients Complications and emergency accident treatment plan and process;

7, familiar with the relevant requirements and standards of hemodialysis quality control special project inspection;

8, familiar with the basic specialist theoretical knowledge and operating skills (such as HD, HDF, CRRT, HP principles, indications, contraindications, complications, etc.)

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