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How tall and heavy is the largest Quito Lado in the world?

1. The largest known Quito Lado is about 30 meters tall and weighs about 100 tons. 2. This conclusion is based on existing scientific research and records. Quito Lado is an extinct dinosaur. The fossil record shows that they could reach a height of 30 meters and weigh up to 100 tons. 3. Quito Lado is one of the giant species of dinosaurs. Their huge size may have been adapted to the ecological environment and food chain of the time. Studying the fossils of these giant dinosaurs can help us better understand the diversity and evolutionary history of ancient organisms on Earth.

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How many forms of Quito Lago are there in total?

Kidora has a total of five forms

Fifth place: Cretaceous type, 40 meters high and 50 meters long, belonging to juvenile Kidora, but at that time it was at the top of all dinosaurs. Cretaceous Kidora could not only fly, but also run, because of its small size and very flexible.

Fourth place: Millennium Dragon Kidora, this is Kidora in full form, it has become the strongest monster in sea, land and air. Kidora in this form is one of the three holy beasts in Japan and belongs to the incarnation of justice. Although he lost to Godzilla, the god of destruction, he also successfully purified Godzilla, and from then on Godzilla slowly moved towards decency.

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