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How popular is the rosekook extranet?

1. Very hot. 2. Because rosekook is a very popular Korean male idol with a large fan base. He has achieved earth-shattering wins in the fields of music, variety and social media, attracting a lot of attention and support. His musical works and performance talents are much appreciated, while his appearance and personal charm have also attracted a lot of attention. 3. The popularity of rosekook can be judged by the number of his social media fans, the number of clicks on his music works and the sales of concert tickets. He has millions of fans on major social media platforms, his music works have achieved high rankings on major music platforms, and his concert tickets are often spiked. These all show that his popularity on the extranet is very high.

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jungkook quotes?

Here are some Jungkook quotes:

1. I hope my music can bring strength and comfort to people.

2. I am always striving to be a better version of myself, both in terms of music and life.

3. Music is my life, my soul, my everything.

4. I hope my fans can always support me and grow with me.

5. I believe that as long as I work hard, I will be able to achieve my dreams.

6. My music is my inner expression, and I hope to be able to connect with people through it.

7. I like to challenge myself and try new things, which makes me feel very excited.

8. I am grateful for my fans’ continued support and love, which is my motivation to move forward.

9. Music is my dream, and I hope to be able to work hard for it all the time.

10. I believe that with love and courage, I can overcome all difficulties.

These quotes demonstrate Jungkook’s love of music and positive attitude towards life. He is a very talented and charismatic entertainer.

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