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How much weight does the ground on the 3rd floor of a general factory bear?

The ground on the 3rd floor of a general factory bears 5 tons of weight

tier 3 and 4 weight management

How deep is the foundation pit dug for a 33-story high-rise residential building?

The piling depth of a 33-story high-rise building is generally 10% of the height on the ground. In order to resist earthquakes and stabilize, it is generally necessary to hit about 80 meters.

By calculating the volume and density of the house, and then counting a variety of decoration furniture and equipment, we can know its total weight. Generally speaking, an ordinary residential building is about 1.0 to 1.5 tons per square meter per floor. The next thing to determine is the maximum pressure that the soil can withstand. Through a very complex and rigorous process, various factors need to be considered. It is necessary to measure multiple locations and then do statistical processing to finally know the maximum bearing capacity of the ground.

How much is the weight of a hundred square meters of a three-story building?

Answer, a hundred square meters of a three-story building is about 30 tons.

Analysis, the weight of the same building will be affected by various factors such as structural form, function, and construction location. For example, the brick-concrete structure is heavier, the frame structure, and then the air-filled block masonry is lighter to divide the room. All large compartments have fewer partition walls than small compartments, and the weight is lighter. The foundation bearing capacity is better than that of the poor bearing capacity, which saves materials and reduces its own weight

How much is the weight of a first-floor house?

100 square meters One-floor building is between 4 tons and 6 tons.

How heavy is a first-floor building, which is closely related to the structural form and structural materials. The average brick-concrete structure is about 2 tons per square meter. It depends on the span and arrangement of the wall column. The density of concrete after drying is about 2.5 tons per cubic meter. The density multiplied by the volume is 75 tons. When it was just built, it must have exceeded this number due to moisture

If the area of each floor of this building is 200 square meters, the weight of each floor is roughly estimated: Concrete: 200X0. 2 (floor thickness) = 40 cubic meters, 40 × 2. 4T = 96T. Reinforcement: Construction reinforcement is 5T,

Column concrete: 0.6 × 0. 6 × 4 = 1.44 each), about 20 per layer, 20X1. 44 = 28.8T. Total: (96 5 28.8) X70 = 9086 The above data is for reference only, and the specific data needs to be calculated (computer calculation).

How many pounds does the 3-layer cake cost?

Hello, the weight of the three-layer cake is between eight and twelve pounds.

Common cake sizes and weights:

16-inch three-layer cake 12-inch cake for the second layer and 8-inch cake for the third layer. Total 12 pounds.

8-inch cake = 2 pounds = 20 cm diameter, for 3-5 people

12-inch cake = 4 pounds = 30 cm diameter, for 8-12 people

16-inch cake = 6 pounds = 40 cm diameter, for 15-18 people

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