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How much vitamin B do kittens eat at one time, and how do multivitamins feed cats?

Kittens’ bodies need a certain amount of vitamin B to promote their growth and development and immune system health. Under normal circumstances, the recommended content of vitamin B required by kittens is 4-5 mg per day. If you want to feed vitamin B to kittens, you need to pay attention to controlling the dose and not overdose.

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Multivitamins contain a variety of vitamins. You can feed vitamin B to kittens by adding multivitamins directly to cat food and mixing them. The dosage required for each cat is different, and the dosage needs to be determined according to different weight and age. You also need to pay attention to whether the cat has an allergic reaction to a certain vitamin ingredient. If there is any discomfort, you should consult a veterinarian immediately.

How much vitamin B complex does a cat eat at one time?

Vitamin B complex is a supplement of vitamin B group medicine, suitable for cats in need of strengthening their physique, preventing symptoms of deficiency, promoting appetite, etc. However, each cat’s physical condition and the amount of vitamin B group that needs to be supplemented are different, so there is no fixed answer to the question of how much a cat needs to eat at one time. Generally speaking, it is recommended to use vitamin B complex tablets under the guidance of an animal doctor, and the appropriate dose is determined according to the cat’s individual situation and symptoms.

Under normal circumstances, the amount of vitamin B that a cat needs to consume every day is about 0. 02Mg/kg, and the dosage will be adjusted according to each cat’s weight and long-term food intake.

In order to avoid adverse reactions caused by excessive use, it is recommended to divide the B complex vitamin tablets evenly into multiple dosage requirements for cats. In short, pet owners should formulate the best medication plan under the guidance of a veterinarian to ensure the safe and healthy use of vitamin supplements for cats.

How can cats supplement vitamins?

1. Supplementing vitamin A

If you want to supplement vitamin A to cats, you can feed some cod liver oil, eggs, animal offal, etc., but do not feed cats to eat animal offal for a long time. Long-term supplementation of vitamin A can lead to cat poisoning, because vitamin A is fat-soluble, and excess parts will be absorbed and accumulated by the cat’s internal organs, which will inhibit the function of osteoblasts. Poisoned cats will lose weight and osteoporosis. Feed this in moderation.

2. Supplementing vitamin B

Due to the wide variety of vitamin B, you can use multivitamin B to supplement nutrition for cats. For this, it is recommended to feed cats cat-specific pet vitamin B powder, such as Home Fun Vitamin B, which is very suitable for cats. As long as the amount of each feeding is well controlled, cats are not rejected, and it is simple and convenient to mix in the diet.

3. Supplement vitamin C

When choosing cat food, you can choose products rich in vitamin C, but some cat food may be overcooked and dried during processing, so you can properly feed some vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables and other green feeds, such as oranges, oranges, cucumbers, etc. It should be noted that vitamin C is also water-soluble, so don’t worry too much about overfeeding.

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