Weight management

How much should a cat who loses weight eat a day?

Cats who lose weight need to abide by the following: First, strictly adhere to a fixed diet. Don’t use the current (obese state) weight as a benchmark in diet, but use the original (normal state) weight as a benchmark.

weight management food for cats

Second, give the cat high-fiber and low-calorie food.

Third, try not to give the cat snacks. If you want to give the cat snacks, be sure to reduce the amount.

Fourth, adjust the environment so that the cat can perform appropriate exercise and record the cat’s weight regularly.

Fifth, in the process of reducing the cat’s diet, we can feed the cat 3 or 4 times a day. If the amount is reduced once and the number of feedings is increased, the cat will not feel hungry.

What can cats eat to gain weight?

1. Beef

If you want to make the cat gain weight, you can feed the cat some beef, because beef is rich in protein, amino acids and other nutrients, which can not only gain weight, but also improve the cat’s disease resistance. Generally, it is cooked directly with water, and then cut into small pieces for the cat to eat. It is best not to give the cat raw food. If you eat too much, you will get sick easily.

2. Animal offal

Animal offal is also one of the foods that can gain weight for cats, because animal offal contains very protein, as well as a certain amount of fat, and animal offal contains a unique fishy smell, so cats also like to eat it. Pet owners can give cats a little bit every week, or mix a little bit into cat food every day, which can not only improve their appetite, but also gain weight. Of course, animal offal should not be eaten more by cats, otherwise it will easily lead to vitamin poisoning.

3. Salmon and cod

In addition to beef and animal offal, if you want to gain weight for the cat, you can also feed the cat salmon and cod. After all, fish meat also contains very protein, and fish protein is easier for cats to absorb. The pet owner only needs to cook the fish meat and then pick the thorns to give it to the cat. Generally, it is eaten 3-4 times a week. It is best to feed it as a snack 1-2 hours after eating the cat food, not as a staple food, otherwise the cat will be picky and partial eaters.

How can a kitten control its diet?

1. Controlling Food Intake: Ensure that your kitten’s daily food intake meets the needs of its age, weight, and activity level. Follow appropriate, balanced feeding guidelines and avoid overfeeding.

2. Divided Feeding: Divide your daily food into multiple small portions, feed at regular intervals, and control the amount of food in each meal. This helps control your kitten’s eating behavior and avoid overeating.

3. Giving Nutritious Food: Make sure to provide high-quality cat food or wet food to meet your kitten’s nutritional needs. Good quality food can better satisfy his satiety.

4. Provide appropriate stimulation and activities: Provide the kitten with enough play time and stimulation to distract it from its food. This can be achieved through toys, games and interaction.

5. Observe behavioral changes: If the kitten has been unable to stop eating and is accompanied by other abnormal behaviors (such as weight gain, vomiting, etc.), it is recommended that you consult a veterinarian for further examination and evaluation to rule out potential health problems.

Please note that the above recommendations are for reference only, and the actual treatment method may vary depending on individual differences and specific circumstances. If necessary, please consult a veterinarian or pet professional for accurate and personalized advice.

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