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How much is the crude protein and crude fat of Shiba Inu food?

The selection criteria for Shiba Inu dog food include crude protein content, crude fat content, etc. In terms of crude protein content, the lowest crude protein in adult dog food is 18%, and the lowest crude protein in puppy dog food is 22%. Normal crude protein levels are between 25% and 30%, and higher than 30% are high protein. In terms of crude fat content, it is generally between 10% and 18%, depending on the dog’s body size and nutritional needs. For dogs with poor stomach or obesity, it is recommended to choose low-to-medium-fat dog food. When choosing Shiba Inu dog food, make sure that the crude protein and crude fat content of the dog food meet the needs of the dog, and try to choose high-quality protein sources and high-meat dog food to ensure the health and nutritional needs of the Shiba Inu.

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Who knows if the pet food of this brand is good or not?

Good. Leading Staple Food Cat Strips is a high-quality cat food brand, which is very suitable for cats to eat. 2. Leading Staple Food Cat Strips uses high-quality raw materials. After scientific formula and fine processing, they are rich in nutrients, have a good taste, and are easy to digest and absorb. They can meet the nutritional needs of cats and maintain health. 3. In addition to the leading staple food cat strips, there are many other high-quality cat food brands. Cats’ diets need to choose suitable cat food according to factors such as their age, weight, and health status. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the cat’s eating habits and taste preferences, and gradually guide them to develop good eating habits.

How many grams of dog food do you need for a catty of Teddy a day?

A catty of Teddy eats about 20-30 grams of dog food a day.

Teddy dogs can usually only eat 3% of their body weight in ordinary dog food a day, so the amount of food eaten by teacup Teddy, mini Teddy, standard Teddy and giant Teddy varies. In addition, the number of dog food that Teddy dogs can eat every day varies greatly among different growth stages.

Teddy dogs can usually only eat 3% to 4% of their body weight in hard, shriveled daily food, but if the daily food is replaced by milk cake dog food with excellent palatability, the appetite of Teddy dogs will increase significantly, and it is not a problem to eat 5% of their body weight in a day.

Coinciding with special circumstances, such as menstruation, serious illness, or recovering from serious illness, the appetite of Teddy dogs will decrease significantly. Usually, only 2% of their body weight can be eaten in a day, while during pregnancy or long-term hunger, Teddy dogs can usually eat 3% to 5% of their body weight in dog food.

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