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How much is the amount of skin care products used to be effective?

between 0.6 and 0.8g

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In routine cosmetic efficacy tests, 2mg ± 0.05mg/cm ² is generally used, and the area of the general face is about 300-400cm ², so if you want effective skin care, the amount of each time should be basically between 0.6 and 0.8g. But the specific amount is not absolute

When is the best time to use skin care products, and the correct skin care product steps and methods?

Facial cleanser

Time of use: Get up in the morning and go to bed at night Facial cleanser is best used for a long time outside at night, the skin will be stained with a lot of dust or dirt from the outside world,

Toner, skin care water, softening water

Time of use: After cleansing the face,

After cleansing the face,

It is best to use it before the face is dry,

Wet a cotton pad with makeup water and pat it gently on the face,

to promote absorption, and use makeup water to replenish water and play a secondary cleaning effect.


Use time:

Use hydrating serum when you get up during the day, and whitening serum before going to bed at night

General skin care products follow the principle of light weight first,

Lighter ones should be applied first,

So the application order of essence is:

Cleansing – Lotion – Serum.

However, the focus of skin care during the day is hydration, moisturization, and sun protection.

The focus at night is to hydrate, moisturize, and nourish,

Use whitening, anti-aging, and repair serum at night

Eye cream

Use time:

Get up in the morning and before going to bed at night

Use eye cream in the morning to prevent dark circles under the eyes, and use eye cream after washing your face in the morning to relieve tired eyes when you wake up early, relieve blood circulation in the eyes, and avoid accelerated and blocked blood vessels, causing blood to concentrate in the eyes and form dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Using eye cream before going to bed at night can dilute dark circles


Use time:

9:00-11:00 stage in the morning and evening

9-11:00 in the morning This time period

is the running time of the human spleen meridian,

The absorption of the essence ingredients in the mask will be particularly good;

And 9-11:00 in the evening is the running time of the human body’s triple burner meridian,

is also the best time for the skin to repair and absorb itself

Lip balm

Use time: Can be used within one day, The best care time is before going to bed at night and before applying red lips. Lip balm is a small item suitable for carrying around. As long as you feel your lips are dry, you can take it out and apply it unlimited times.

However, applying it during the day will cause losses such as eating and drinking water, so applying it before going to bed at night is the best time to moisturize your lips.


Use time: 20 minutes before going out

Sunscreen is the last step in the skin care process,

So the correct application order is:

facial cleanser — lotion — essence — lotion/cream — sunscreen.

However, be careful not to go out immediately after applying the sunscreen, wait about 20 minutes before going out, so that the sunscreen can play the best sunscreen effect

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