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How much is one catty of California bass?

One hundred catties of California bass needs to be fed 10 kilograms of material.

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How much feed does it take to raise 1,000 California bass to one catty?

How much feed does it take to raise 1,000 California bass to one catty?

How much feed does it take to raise one catty of sea bass?

It takes 1.6-1 to raise one catty of sea bass. 4Kg feed

The specific feed requirements vary according to the size and appetite of the bass. When breeding bass, the amount of feed fed should be controlled between 2% and 4% of the average weight of the fish. Generally, it is fed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

California boy height and weight?

California boy is 1.76 meters tall and uses 68 kilograms

California bass daily feeding amount?

California bass daily feeding amount is 0.2.5 kilograms per catty.

California bass has a strong appetite. Generally, the food intake of adult fish can reach 20% of the overall weight. About 2 times a day, 500 kg of California bass is fed about 200 kg of feed per day, and the food intake of juvenile fish can reach 50%. The weight increases at a rate of 50% per month during peak periods. Therefore, the bait feeding requires a small number of times. 500 kg of California bass is fed about 250 kg of feed per day to ensure sufficient bait supply, and at the same time ensure that smaller individuals can also eat enough.

Cost and profit of high-density aquaculture of recirculating water bass?

The cost of feeding California bass with feed is only 5. 8 yuan/catty, equivalent to the bait coefficient of only 0.93, compared with the same time to eat chilled fish cost reduced by 1 yuan/catty, and the average specification reached 1.1kg/tail, with the current sunrise fish price of 10.2 yuan/catty calculation, 5 mu of fish pond total income 100,000 yuan, net profit of 5000 yuan!

breeding technology

1, pond conditions and preparation The pond area is appropriate to 3300 square meters -6600 square meters, the water depth is more than 2m, the water source is sufficient, the water quality is pollution-free, there are better water inlet and drainage facilities, convenient transportation. Before stocking, dry ponds need to be dredged and slope protected. 750 kg-1050 kg of quicklime is used per hectare, and the pool water is kept at 10-20 cm. Soak the pulp and pour wine. After 7 days, add water to a depth of 1 m. In order to maintain the water quality in good condition, 75 kg/h ² of ammonium can be applied at one time. After two days, the pool water turns oil green and can be stocked.

2. The temporary breeding and stocking of fish fingerlings are currently mostly sea-caught, and the spring sea-caught seedlings are about 2. 5 cm-4 cm. The fish will be injured to varying degrees after fishing and transshipment operations. In order to improve the survival rate of breeding, intermediate temporary breeding can be carried out first. The temporary breeding method is more convenient to set up a 40-mesh cage in the breeding pond. 2000-3000 temporary seedlings per cubic meter of water, disinfected with 1 × 10-6-2 × 10-6 chloramphenicol, and furazolidone after ingesting surimi. Feed Artemia larvae or sea and fresh water horns and copepods in the first 10 days, and then feed fresh surimi. The fingerlings were cultured to about 10 cm, and put into the cultivation pool at the rate of 1.5 tails/m2.

3. Cultivation and management

① Feeding bait is mainly low-colonized miscellaneous fish, supplemented by human ingredients. Perch grab food quickly, the content is large, and it is very important to feed regularly and quantitatively. When feeding, keep the fish full and do not waste bait. Each feeding should first lead less fish to float and then increase the feeding amount. When the fish sinks and does not grab food, the feeding should be stopped. The number of daily baits and the amount of baiting vary depending on the season. In the warm season and 4-5 times a day for the rapid growth of perch, the amount of baiting is 10-30% of the fish’s body weight. In the early spring and late autumn of low temperature, the daily baiting is 2-3 times, accounting for 1-10% of the fish’s body weight.

② Pond inspection and pond inspection in the morning and evening, and any abnormalities are found to be dealt with in a timely manner. The pond inspection content includes fish body activity, pond water color, odor, transparency changes, and pond escape prevention facilities and enemies.

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