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How much is a scale?

How much is it? The cheapest is about 20 yuan. After that, there is more than 30 yuan, more than 50 yuan, more than 80 yuan, more than 100 yuan. There is also an electronic scale that can accurately weigh to a decimal number. For example, the price of “52.4” kilograms is also more than 100 yuan

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How much does it cost to do a cat’s genetic test?

How much does a pet genetic test cost?

Under normal circumstances, the cost of pet genetic testing is about 1000-2000 yuan. The specific price depends on the age of the pet, the weight of the pet and other factors. Generally, it ranges from 500-1000 yuan. Of course, the specific cost depends on the specific situation. However, this price is determined according to the pet breed.

How much is the appropriate cost for dog neutering?

Dog neutering is generally carried out between 6 months and 1 year old. At this time, the dog has completed the sexual maturity stage, the risk of surgery is relatively small, and the recovery is relatively fast. If the dog is over 1 year old and has not been neutered, it is recommended to do some tests before surgery to ensure that the physical condition is good.

As for the cost, different regions and different hospitals have different prices. Generally speaking, the cost of neutering a medium-sized dog or a large dog ranges from 500 yuan to 2,000 yuan, while that of a small dog is relatively cheap, generally between 200 yuan and 800 yuan. What needs to be reminded here is that although the price is important, the quality and professionalism of the hospital and doctor are also very important. If you choose a regular and professional veterinary hospital, the technical and hygienic conditions in the sterilization operation will be more guaranteed.

It should be noted that although the sterilization operation is good for the dog, you need to pay attention to the rest and maintenance of the dog after the operation, not to make the dog too active and active, and you need to give the dog detailed care in the postoperative time. If you are not sure whether the dog is suitable for sterilization, you can consult the opinion of the pet doctor.

How to adjust the price formula of the scale?

Knowing the unit price of the item, use an electronic scale to weigh the weight of the item, and get the price of the item through the formula: unit price × weight = price.

Calculated in kilograms, that is, settled in kilograms, and the price behind is also settled in kilograms. For example, for an item of one yuan per jin, enter 2 yuan into the price, so that the final money is displayed. Before using the electronic scale, please open the battery cover at the bottom of the scale, connect the battery, and then hit the unit transfer switch at the bottom of the scale to the “kg” position.

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