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How much is 2kg of dog food?

2kg of dog food is of course 2kg. A small dog weighs about 5kg and is fed twice a day in the morning and evening, about 0.5kg each time. About 2kg of dog food can be eaten for a month, but if you raise large dogs, then 2kg of dog food may be the amount for two days. Friends who raise puppies, do you know? Love dogs and pay attention to scientific feeding methods!

what is weight management dog food

How much dog food is 6kg of dog food a month?

6kg of dog food eats about 360 grams of dog food a day, 10.8kg of dog food a month.

A pet dog’s daily food intake is related to its weight. Generally speaking, 4% of an adult dog’s weight and 6% of a puppy’s weight are its daily food intake. For example, when an adult dog weighs 30 kilograms, it eats 1200 grams per day, while a 5-kilogram puppy eats 300 grams per day.

However, a pet dog’s food intake is also related to its exercise intake. Dogs that exercise a lot will eat more, and dogs that exercise a lot will eat a little less. After feeding, if the dog’s belly feels too deflated, it means that it has been fed less. If the belly feels very bulging, it means that it has been fed too much.

How much dog food does a 15-kilogram dog in Alaska eat a day?

15 kilograms of Alaska is about 3 months old, and it is still a puppy. It eats 900 grams of dog food a day.

Usually, the dog’s daily food intake is calculated according to the dog’s weight ratio. Generally, the adult dog’s food intake is 4% of the body weight, while the puppy’s food intake is 6% of the body weight. You can divide the day’s dog food into 2-3 meals to feed, but the situation of different dogs is also different, so the owner needs to judge according to the actual situation of his dog.

When feeding puppies, pay attention to eating less and more meals, because the stomach of puppies is relatively fragile, and the digestive function of the stomach is not perfect. If you feed too much at one time, it is likely to cause indigestion in puppies, which can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

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