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How much dog food should German shepherds eat every day for three months?

Three months of black back, crown energy puppy dog food is already very good. After the dog is weaned, because there is no female dog to provide immunity, the immunity starts to decline after about 3 weeks, and it lasts for about 5 months. During this time, dogs are very easy to get sick. The dog food I mentioned is added with bovine colostrum. The various active immunoglobulins contained in bovine colostrum have been experimentally confirmed to enhance the immunity of puppies and help puppies pass the immune deficiency period smoothly. The amount of food is about a paper cup. You can soak it in warm water or goat milk and give it to him to eat. You have to observe his food intake. Next time, reduce it a little bit and don’t eat too much.

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How much dog food does the little golden retriever eat a day and how many percent of his body weight should he feed it every day?

After three months, the puppy can be fed three times a day in the morning, middle and evening, one to two handfuls of puppy food each time. The dog food should be soaked in water, but not completely soaked. Just bring a hard core. After 6 months, you can eat it once in the morning and once in the evening, about 2 to 3 handfuls of puppy food each time. After 9 months, you can eat it once a day, about 400 grams of puppy food each time. After 12 months, you can feed it to adults. In addition, you should supplement probiotics, trace elements, calcium tablets every day. You can also drink a little goat milk and eat a boiled egg every day. Don’t feed it when you have nothing to do, it’s not good for

How much dog food do large dogs eat a day?

Due to differences in the weight of different large dogs, their daily diet also varies. Generally speaking, adult large dogs need to consume about 600-700 grams of dog food per day. It is recommended that owners formulate their daily diet and number of meals according to their dog’s breed, age, weight and dog food reference table.

How much dog food do eleven catties of dogs eat a day?

Eleven catties of dogs are small dogs. They can eat 200 grams to 300 grams of dog food a day, divided into three meals, 100 grams per meal. It also depends on the dog’s physical condition. If the dog is weak, you can give more, and if the dog is fatter, you can give less. It is best not to feed the dog alone. You can add some meat and vegetables that the dog can eat, so as to ensure that the dog’s nutrition is uniform and the body will be healthier.

How much dog food should an adult dog eat?

The daily food intake of a dog is generally 4% -6% of its body weight. For adult dogs, it can be calculated using a 4% body weight ratio, and for puppies, it can be calculated using a 6% ratio. For example:

1. If an adult dog is 10 kilograms, it is 10,000 grams, right? 4% is 400 grams. If it is 3 meals a day, it is 135 grams per meal.

2. For puppies, for example, a 2.5kg puppy is 2500 grams. 6% is 150 grams. If it is calculated according to 3 meals, it is 50 grams per meal.

It depends on the weight.

Many times I see a lot of people asking how much dog food should be given to dogs. The general method is to follow the amount of standard fiber behind the dog food, but how do they determine the amount on the standard fiber? In fact, all dog food is determined according to a calorie calculation method. The method is as follows:

Let’s take an example, if: a one-year-old golden retriever weighs 33 kilograms, then the calorie he needs for a day is calculated like this:

Multiply the dog’s weight (kg) by 3 times (33x33x33 = 35937)

and then add 1. The answer of (= 189. 57)

Then put the answer of 2. The square root (= 13. 76)

Multiply the answer of 3. Multiply by 125 (= 1720)

So how many calorie does one day need to be 1720 calorie?

If it is a dog that is too fat or does not like exercise, you should change the good 125 to the good 100. After getting the correct number of calorie, you must count the amount of dog food your dog eats in one cup of calorie. For example, what you eat now is foundations. A cup of eight ounces measuring cup (about the average household measuring cup) has 550 calorie. Divide 1720 by 550, and that day is about three cups or more.

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