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How much dog food should a dog of about 35 kg eat?

A dog of about 35 kg should eat about 525-700 grams of dog food a day.

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How much dog food the owner feeds the dog every day depends on its weight. Dogs per kilogram of weight eat 15-20 grams of dog food every day. When the dog is usually pulled too thin, it means that it is fed too much, and pulling too hard means that it is fed less. In daily diet, dogs also need to eat meat, vegetables and fruits regularly to supplement nutrition, as well as eat some egg yolks and fish oil to improve hair quality.

A small teddy of 9 months, weighing 2.5 kg. Feed him 30 grams of dog food every day. Is that enough?

Don’t feed scum food, don’t feed snacks before six months, don’t eat dog food, don’t get used to it, don’t eat a mouthful of it, too oily and salty will harm it, dogs have a lot of things to eat, so it is crucial to check before feeding.

There is a five-year-old ancestor in the family who does not eat dog food every day. It is very tiring

1. 4kg of Yorkshire daily dog food?

1. 4kg of Yorkshire eat about 30g of dog food every day.

The following is the relationship between dog weight and feeding amount, for your reference only.

Weight 1 to 5 kilograms, 35 to 100 grams

Weight 5 to 12 kilograms, 100 to 220 grams

Weight 12 to 25 kilograms, 220 to 420 grams

Weight 25 kilograms or more, 420 grams or more

This is a more authoritative data that specifies the daily consumption range of the dog. Under normal circumstances, the owner can make specific adjustments according to this range. The so-called specific adjustment refers to the dog being in a special period, such as the dog being pregnant and trying to feed as much as possible;

When the dog is small, if you don’t want the dog to grow too large, you can try to limit the food, if If you are a large dog, you should try to limit your food intake as much as possible.

At the same time, pay attention to the frequency of feeding. Provide food to the dog at a fixed time and place every day, so that the dog can have a certain digestive law and avoid gastrointestinal diseases.

How much dog food does Fadou eat a month?

About 5 kilograms of dog food a month. This has a lot to do with Fadou’s own weight and the dog food he eats.

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