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How much dog food does Golden Retriever eat in a month?

If Golden Retriever is raised from the puppy period, how much food do they need to feed them every day? This should confuse many novice owners. It is true that Golden Retriever eats different things when he is young and when he is an adult. So what is the daily feeding amount of Golden Retriever during the feeding process?

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Golden Retriever’s weight changes during the growth process, from the puppy period at birth to adulthood. Of course, its food intake will also change. Generally speaking, when it is just born, it basically needs to drink breast milk, so the owner does not need to choose any food for it to feed at this time, but it needs to be weaned after about two months, so the owner can buy some pet milk powder or special puppy dog food for it. At two months, the food eaten is dehydrated, and the weight is about 250 grams; when it is three months old, the weight is increasing, and the amount of food eaten every day should also increase. At this time, it is best to eat about 300 grams per day; at about one year old, that is, when it is an adult, the amount of this dehydrated food should preferably reach 500 grams per day.

Also, when the golden retriever is young, the number of times it is fed every day, the owner must also pay attention. During the puppy period, its food intake is relatively small, but it is easier to get hungry, so the number of times it is fed every day should be about three to four times. After adulthood, the dog’s food intake is relatively large, so it does not need to be fed so frequently. Generally speaking, feeding once or twice a day is enough.

In short, when everyone chooses to raise the golden retriever, if it is raised from a puppy, its food intake is different from that of an adult, so do not give it too much at one time to prevent it from supporting it. It will be good to feed it according to the above-mentioned food intake changes.

How much dog food should Golden Retriever eat in one meal?


Golden Retriever’s food intake needs to be adjusted according to age:

45 days to 2 and a half months old: This time is just after weaning, so it is recommended to feed wet dog food, the amount of each time can be kept at 20g, 3-4 times a day;

Three months to 6 months old: This is the rapid growth period of Golden Retriever, so the daily amount needs to be increased, all replaced with dry dog food, 150-200g each time, 3 times a day;

6 months to adulthood: 300 grams per meal, 2 times a day can be fed, and 1-2 meals a day can be maintained after adulthood. About 650 grams per meal.

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