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How much dog food does an adult side shepherd eat a day?

The daily feeding amount of an adult side shepherd is 560-800 grams for males and 480-760 grams for females. However, the greater the amount of exercise, the greater the amount of food the side shepherd will eat. It is recommended to adjust the feeding amount by observing the softness and hardness of its stool. In addition, an adult side shepherd is fed 2-3 meals a day, and each meal can be fed seven or eight minutes full. After feeding, you need to clean the dog bowl and take it out for a walk.

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How much dog food is 6 kg Fadou a month?

6 kg Fadou eats about 360 grams of dog food a day, and 10.8 kg of dog food a month.

A pet dog’s daily food intake is related to its weight. Generally speaking, 4% of an adult dog’s weight and 6% of a puppy’s weight are its daily food intake. For example, when an adult dog weighs 30 kilograms, it eats 1200 grams per day, while a 5-kilogram puppy eats 300 grams per day.

However, a pet dog’s food intake is also related to its exercise intake. Dogs with a large amount of exercise will eat more, and dogs with a small amount of exercise will eat less. After feeding, if the dog’s belly feels too deflated, it means that it has been fed less. If the belly feels very bulging, it means that it has been fed too much.

How much dog food do you eat in a month?

About 5 kilograms of dog food is eaten a month. This has a lot to do with the weight of the dog and the dog food you eat.

How much does a 50-kg Alaskan dog eat a day?

Adult dogs have relatively complete teeth and gastrointestinal development, and strong chewing and digestion and absorption abilities. The number of feeds per day is about two to three times, which is basically the same as the time people eat. At the same time, if it is feeding dog food, an adult Alaskan dog should eat about 1 kg of dog food a day, and this 1 kg of dog food can be divided into two to three times for the dog.

How much dog food does a Corgi of 11.5 kg eat every day for 8 months?

Corgi weighs 23 for 8 months, eats 70 grams of dog food three times a day, and feeds 100 ml of goat milk at 10 pm. In fact, when more than three months, the dog’s food can no longer be soaked soft, three times a day, about 70 grams at a time. After adulthood, it can be twice a day, 0.5kg at a time. Owners can consider it according to their dog’s body shape. Some dogs have a particularly good appetite, which may be higher than the recommended amount, but they should not increase too much to prevent excessive obesity.

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