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How much dog food does a dog with eleven catties eat a day?

A dog with eleven catties belongs to a small dog. It can eat 200 grams to 300 grams of dog food a day, divided into three meals, 100 grams per meal. It also depends on the dog’s physical condition. If the dog is weak, you can give more. If the dog is fatter, you can give less. It is best not to feed the dog alone. You can add some meat and vegetables that the dog can eat. This can ensure that the dog’s nutrition is uniform and the body will be healthier.

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How do I read the feeding amount on the dog food bag?

Puppies: Eat less and more meals, and feed 3-4 meals a day.

Adult: Feed 1-2 meals a day.

Generally, it depends on the amount of exercise the dog has.

There are 2 ways

One is to see what kind of dog food your dog eats. There is a table at the back of the packaging bag, which can teach you how much weight and age the dog eats. This table is very accurate. You can buy it in my E pet mall. The dog food in it has a detailed formula.

The second is that you give the dog food little by little first. Pay attention to his stomach, which is where the last ribs on both sides are. If it bulges slightly, it is full.

5 months, three meals a day, just one meal of dog food. Real. Enough. If you add something, it will be halved, and the dog will be seven or eight points full. Absolutely not full enough. The dog himself does not know what support is. It will eat to death.

How much does a 50kg Alaskan dog eat a day?

Adult dogs have relatively complete teeth and gastrointestinal development, and their chewing ability and digestion and absorption ability are relatively strong. The number of daily feeds should be controlled at about two to three times, basically keeping the time of eating the same as the person. At the same time, if it is fed dog food, an adult Alaskan dog needs to eat about 1 kg of dog food a day, and this 1 kg of dog food can be divided into two to three times for the dog.

What is the standard weight of a German Shepherd?

An adult German Shepherd male dog can reach about 30-40 kg, and a female dog can reach about 25-32 kg. However, the specific weight of a German Shepherd is also related to its body shape and the feeding method of its owner. It is normal to fluctuate a few catties up and down. A German Shepherd needs sufficient nutrition to grow to a standard weight. As an owner, it must ensure that its diet is healthy and balanced, as well as sufficient calcium, so that it has a healthy body, so that it can better develop its strengths.

Dog food is a staple food that German Shepherds must eat every day. Only by choosing a professional with balanced nutrition and good quality can they meet the growth needs of German Shepherds.

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