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How much dog food does a 70kg giant dog eat per day?

70kg giant dogs eat 1050-1400 grams of dog food per day

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How much dog food the owner feeds the dog every day depends on its weight. Dogs per kilogram of weight eat 15-20 grams of dog food per day. When the dog is usually pulled too thin, it means that it is fed too much, and if it is pulled too hard, it means that it is fed less. In terms of daily diet, dogs also need to eat meat, vegetables and fruits regularly to supplement nutrition, as well as eat some egg yolks and fish oil to improve their hair quality.

I would like to ask you how to feed the two-month giant dog and how much dog food do you eat a day?

Feeding soaked dog food is generally calculated as 4% of body weight for a day. You can also observe the dog’s poop. If it is thin, it is fed too much. If it is too dry, it is less. Don’t feed people food. Only eat dog food, goat milk powder soaked

How much dog food is appropriate for dogs weighing 30 kilograms for two meals a day?

The following is the relationship between dog weight and feeding amount, for your reference only. Weight 1 to 5 kilograms, 35 to 100 grams Weight 5 to 12 kilograms, 100 to 220 grams Weight 12 to 25 kilograms, 220 to 420 grams Weight 25 kilograms or more, 420 grams or more This is a more authoritative data, specifying the dog’s daily consumption range. Under normal circumstances, the owner can make specific adjustments according to this range. The so-called specific adjustment means that the dog is in a special period, such as when the dog is pregnant, try to feed as much as possible; when the dog is small, if you don’t want the dog’s body to grow very large, you can try to limit the food. If it is a large dog, try to limit the food.

How many grams of dog food do dogs eat per meal per catty of four taels?

A dog with a catty of four taels eats about 40 grams of dog food every day.

What shit shoveling officers need to understand is that the amount of food a dog feeds and its weight are closely related. The daily nutritional value of dogs of different weights is different, and each dog is different, so it cannot be generalized. The feeding amount is only a basic reference, and the feeding amount has to be adjusted according to the actual situation of your dog.

The daily food intake of a dog is generally 4% -6% of its body weight. Adult dogs can use 4% of their body weight to calculate, and puppies can use 6% to calculate.

How much dog food can be eaten at one time?

What body type? Mini? Standard? The adult weight of the mini Schnauzer is almost ten catties, right?

That is 2% of the ten catties eaten every day is 100 grams. One catty of dog food is eaten in about five days, and a total of six catties are eaten in a month. It is not allowed to feed a few because the size of dog food is different. Do you have a drink bottle with a milliliter? 250Ml can generally hold 110 grams of dog food, and 500ml can hold 220 grams. You can add more and less supplements.

If you feed less than this amount, you can slowly increase the amount. If you add it fast, the dog will have diarrhea.

Two meals are enough. It is not good for the dog to be too pampered, but it is best to feed it regularly, because if the dog is not fed when the stomach acid is secreted, the stomach acid will irritate the stomach. If the dog does not secrete stomach acid when you feed, it will also hurt the stomach. Therefore, it is best to time it regularly, such as any time between 7:00 and 9:00, and any time between 17:00 and 19:00 in the evening. This time is the most suitable for eating.

If you feed dry food, it is best to mix it with water, because if it eats dry food and does not drink water in time, the dog food will soak in the stomach and absorb the water in the stomach. Or you can feed dry food first and then let it drink water

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