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How much does the 180l plastic storage box weigh?

The 180l plastic storage box weighs 1kg. The storage box is a box (box) specially used to organize messy items. It is equivalent to a trash can, but it contains useful but not commonly used non-trash items.

waste management bin weight limit

It is light and flexible. You can buy different shapes according to your needs, including square, round, rhombus, etc. It can be a storage box one by one, or it can be designed as a group of storage cabinets.

I don’t know if the sink can handle this weight?

The weight of the speed garbage container is about 5. 6 kilograms, the installation of the garbage disposal itself is suspended under the sink, but the speed manufacturer considers that the quality of some sinks is not very good, and other brands also shake the sink deformed, so the speed manufacturer will install one of their patented products under each garbage disposal, shock absorber.

It is used to support the garbage disposal and reduce vibration and noise.

How heavy is the car trash can?

The density of garbage is very small, generally only 200 to 300 kilograms/cubic meter. A car with a load of 20 tons will definitely not be able to hold 20 tons of garbage. Generally speaking, if the volume of a garbage truck compartment is 20 square meters, that is to say, it can hold up to 20 square meters of garbage, it is considered to be 20 tons. It is just a customary practice.

Garbage name, type and weight?

① food waste: food waste and peels generated for the kitchen. Mainly include: leftovers and food residues such as Western cakes, vegetable stems and leaves, animal skeletal internal organs, tea leaves, fruit residues, fruit shells, melon rind, bonsai and other plant residues, waste cooking oil, etc.

② Recyclables: garbage with high recycling value that can enter the waste recycling channel. Mainly include: paper (newspapers, flyers, magazines, used books, cardboard boxes and other uncontaminated paper products, etc.), metal (iron, copper, aluminum and other products), glass (glass bottles, cans, plate glass and other glass products), plastic products other than plastic bags (foam, plastic bottles, hard plastics, etc.), rubber and rubber products, milk cartons and other Tetra Pak packaging, beverage bottles (Coke cans, plastic beverage bottles, beer bottles, etc.), waste clothing and other textiles, waste electrical appliances, etc.

③ Hazardous waste: garbage containing toxic and harmful chemicals. Mainly include: batteries (batteries, button batteries, etc.), waste lamp bulbs, expired medicines, expired daily cosmetics, hair dye, pesticide containers, herbicide containers, waste mercury thermometers, waste printer cartridges, toner cartridges, etc.

④ Other garbage: The general term for all garbage except recyclable garbage, hazardous waste, and food waste. Mainly include: contaminated and non-renewable paper (paper cups, photos, carbon paper, pressure sensitive paper, receipt paper, postcards, photo albums, toilet paper, diapers, etc.), contaminated or other non-recyclable glass, plastic bags and other contaminated plastic products, non-recyclable textiles, worn ceramics, women’s hygiene products, disposable tableware, shells, cigarette butts, ash, etc.

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