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How many times a day do you moisturize and hydrate during the brush acid period?

Brush acid at most once a day. Generally speaking, brush acid can be selected once every two to three days. Do not operate frequently. If it is oily skin, you can choose to operate once every two days. If it is dry skin, you can operate once every three days. Frequent operation may cause local stratum corneum to thin.

step by step oily skin care routine

If the skin on the face is thick or rough and large pores, it can be improved by brushing acid. Then apply a certain concentration of fruit acid products to the face to promote the peeling of the aging stratum corneum, and the speed of skin metabolism can also be accelerated. Brush acid must first build tolerance on the skin. If the skin guarantees tolerance, brush acid step by step.

Can I use Pibao to replenish water after brushing acid?


The purpose of brushing acid is to make the original unhealthy skin better and better, but if you brush acid casually without understanding the nature of your skin, it will only damage the skin barrier.

When using brush acid products, you should pay attention to the principle of “step by step”. Start with local, low amount, and low concentration. You can start the test from the lowest concentration. For example, 3% concentration can moisturize, and when it rises to 4%, you can peel off the stratum corneum. After brushing acid, you need to strengthen moisturizing and sun protection.

Although brush acid can help the skin regenerate, it is not suitable for all skin types. People with thin stratum corneum cannot brush acid, otherwise it is likely to burn the skin.

The protagonists of brush acid are generally: amygdalic acid, salicylic acid, fruit acid, and retinoic acid. Different skin types are suitable for different acidic substances. Fruit acid is suitable for dry skin. Salicylic acid is suitable for mixed oil or oily skin. Dry skin stratum corneum is unhealthy. It is recommended to use moisturizing and moisturizing products.

Can you wipe skin care products after brushing acid? Do not wipe skin care products at the end after brushing acid, otherwise it will easily damage the skin and lead to various problems.

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