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How many strokes are there for the word elk?

The strokes for the word elk are: 28 strokes.

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There are 17 strokes for the elk and 11 strokes for the deer.

Elk: It is a mammal of the order of cloven hooves, deer family, and elk genus, also known as “Four Dislikes”. It is a rare animal in the world and belongs to the deer family. Because it has a head and face like a horse, horns like a deer, hooves like an ox, and a tail like a donkey, it is named Four Dislikes. The body length is 170-217 cm, and the tail length is 60-75 cm. The male is 122-137 cm tall at the shoulder, and the female is 70-75 cm. The body shape is slightly smaller than that of The average elk weighs 120-180 kilograms, the adult male elk weighs 250 kilograms, and the newborn calf weighs about 12 kilograms. The horns are longer, and they are horned once a year in December. Female elk have no horns and are smaller in size. Male horns are more forked like deer, hooves like cattle, and have black hair at the end of the tail. Elk horns are specially shaped and have no eyebrow branches. The head is large, the snout is narrow, the exposed part of the nose is broad, the eyes are small, and the suborbital glands are significant. The limbs are thick, the main hoof is wide and fleshy, and there are well-developed hanging hooves. When walking, there is a loud bump sound.

How many meters are elk pups?

Generally 0.8 meters to 1 meter.

The elk is very large, with a body length of 170-217 cm and a tail length of 60-75 cm. Boys are taller and fatter than girls. Males are 122-137 cm tall at the shoulders and females are 70-75 cm. Generally, elk weigh 120-180 kg. Adult male elk can weigh up to 250 kg. Newborn baby deer are only about 12 kg.

Male elk have two longer horns on the top of their heads, which are removed and replaced every two years. Female elk have no horns and are smaller in size.

Reproductive and developmental characteristics of elk?

The characteristics of elk are that male elk have horns, female elk have no horns, and young elk have small flower spots on their bodies, like sika deer. After about two months, the small flower spots will fall off automatically. Elk is also called the four dislikes. The so-called four dislikes mean that his horns are like deer and not deer, his face is like a horse, his hooves are like cattle and not cattle, and his tail is like a donkey and not a donkey. The four dislikes are by no means a combination of four animals. He grew up in order to adapt to the ecological environment such as wetlands.

Moose/deer belong to the order of cloven hooves, deer family, and elk, commonly known as the “four dislikes”. Horns are like deer and not deer, faces are like horses and not horses, hooves are like cattle and not cattle, and tails are like donkeys and not donkeys. There are 16 species of deer in China, and elk is the most peculiar of the deer family.

The branches of the horns of the peculiar elk extend backwards and outward, which is related to its habitat and temperament. The branches that extend backwards are conducive to wrapping around long grass.

Tail Long elk’s tail is like a donkey’s tail, which grows to the ankle. In the swamp environment, there are many mosquitoes, flies and larvae, and the long tail is conducive to repelling them and preventing them from being bitten.

Hoof Wide Elk’s hoof is like a cow’s hoof, which is wide and large. The most peculiar thing is that there are valves like duck webs between the two hooves, but they are smaller. Such hooves are conducive to elk walking in the mud and are not easy to sink.

The face of the head and face is long and wide. The face of the elk is like the face of a horse. From the front, the head of the elk is inverted trapezoidal; the nose and lips are wider, and there are long and hard bristles. All these characteristics are related to the habit of the elk to feed on aquatic plants. The elk can stretch its whole head into the water to get aquatic plants, and the touches on the lips play a sensory role.

Habitat Environment Elk live in a plain swamp environment, and even in an artificial environment, they are unwilling to move into the woodland.

Distribution The ancient elk was widely distributed. Elk were distributed in the plain swamp areas from the south of Liaoning to the north of the Yangtze River, and from the east of Shanxi to the tidal flats of the eastern coast of China. Since the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, the distribution area of elk has gradually decreased due to human activities. By the Yuan Dynasty, the main distribution area of elk was in individual areas of North China and Jiangsu. During the Qing Dynasty, there was only a group in Nanhaizi, Beijing. Most of the modern elk are man-made and have been distributed to more than 200 feeding sites in more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

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