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How many stores does the target brand have?

Target is a general merchandise company located in Minnesota, USA. It operates more than 1,800 stores in the United States, and its position is second only to Walmart.

skin care routine from target

Target’s online platform has a complete range of online products, with up to 165,000 kinds of online products, including men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, bags and handbags, jewelry, home accessories, furniture, bedding, beauty and skin care, sports products, pet products and electronic appliances.

Introduction to the last five series of Whoo?

The last five series of Whoo are: Gongchen Enjoy, Shuiyan, Jinshilixiang, Weather Dan, Snow Whitening Series.

1. Whoo Hougongchen Enjoy

Suitable for age: 25-30 years old

Suitable for skin type: dry, dry, normal skin

Product features: Women aged 25-30 with light and mature skin can choose Whoo Hougongchen Enjoy series. Its main function is to adjust the balance of water and oil in the skin. The main ingredients are Gongchen Dan and the essence of yellow essence, which can not only be better absorbed by the skin, but also penetrate well into the surface of the skin. Persistent use can also effectively activate the regeneration ability of skin cells, restore skin elasticity, refreshing and smooth texture, and make the upper face very comfortable.

Second, Whoo Post-Water Research

Suitable for age: 25-30 years old

Suitable for skin type: oily, sensitive, combination skin

Product features: If 25 girls have oily and sensitive skin, then this Whoo Post-Water Research is the most suitable. Whoo Post-Water Research is added with Qingqi Yishou Dan. This nutrient has a very good skin care effect and has a strong hydrating effect. As a skin care product suitable for oily and sensitive skin, its gel texture looks thick, but there will be no oily feeling after applying it to the face. It is not greasy and has a refreshing and radiant feeling.

3. Whoo Houjin Rate Enjoy

Suitable for Age: 35-45 years old

Suitable for Skin Type: Dry, Dry Skin

Product Features: Whoo Houjin Rate Enjoy This series of products is more suitable for skin types aged 35-45. Why? Because the skin care effect of this product series is mainly aimed at anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, especially it also adds red ginseng essence, which can help the skin tighten and anti-wrinkle, restore elasticity, and can also effectively improve the dark yellow and dull skin environment, which has a greater role in fighting aging.

Fourth, Whoo Post-Weather Dan

Suitable for age: any age

Suitable for skin type: any skin

Product features: Whoo Post-Weather Dan can be said to be the best water milk set series in the post-family products. It has no attention to age. It is also suitable for any skin, including sensitive skin. The effect on skin care is also very wide, and it can play a comprehensive skin care effect. Therefore, it is the most high-end all-round product in the post-skin care series, and the price is also the highest.

5. Whoo Houxue Whitening

Suitable for age: any age

Suitable for skin type: any skin type

Product features: Whoo Houxue Whitening series has the effect of moisturizing and whitening light spots, suitable for any age group, and does not pay any attention to skin type. This product adds a variety of plant extracts, focusing on basic skin care effects, whitening and moisturizing, so if you need it in this regard, you may wish to try it, stick to it, and the change to the skin is obvious.

Extended Information:

Whoo Post Brand Story

“TheHistoryOfWhoo Post”, which means Queen’s Secret. It is the top palace Korean skin care famous product in Korea. It selects the queen’s beauty secret recipe recorded in the “Treasure Book of Oriental Medicine” and “Compendium of Materia Medica” and other handed down medical codes, extracts rare and precious Korean medicinal materials, combines modern skin care technology, concentrates and refines the natural essence of the medicinal materials for decades, and condenses them into palace-grade luxury skin care products for modern “queens”. Since entering China, with its unique Korean court concept, it has explained the outstanding masterpieces of the beauty of the Eastern court, which are deeply loved by high-end consumers. Now there are 44 counters in China. As long as you visit the brand, you can experience it all for yourself. Luxury is no longer simply “luxury”.


Shine on the representative well-known brands of Korea with the most distinctive Korean skin care concept.


Love culture and art and have generous economic conditions. You can dress up your own modern culture to your heart’s content. It is not very gorgeous, but it incorporates modern intellectual beauty in a dignified, elegant and high-grade style.


After that, it is committed to nourishing the skin of oriental people from the inside out. The overall product bottle design adopts the shape of oriental court ceramics, and is embellished with patterns such as lotus and phoenix. The product effect is to absorb the essence of orthodox Korean medical theory, and use rare and precious Korean medicinal materials to create a variety of top Korean star products. With high-grade and high-style aesthetics, the brand pursues the love of celebrities and high-spending people with its excellent skin care effects since entering the Chinese market.

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