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How many pounds does Oliveira punch?

The power of Oliveira’s punch is difficult to determine because it depends on a variety of factors such as weight, strength and speed. However, according to some experts’ estimates, Oliveira’s punch can reach a pressure of more than 1000 pounds, which is enough to make anyone unconscious or injured immediately. However, this is only an estimate. In fact, Oliveira’s punch may be stronger or weaker, depending on his athletic state and technical level. In conclusion, Oliveira’s punch is very amazing, which is one of the important reasons why he has become a legend in the boxing field.

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Why is Oliveira a lightweight champion?

Because of the weight

In the UFC 274 held in May this year, Oliveira weighed more than 155 pounds of standard weight and half a pound before the competition. As punishment, the UFC deprived him of his lightweight title. However, it later proved that there was a suspected problem with the scale weighed that night. Norma Dumont, who also competed in the UFC 280, was also half a pound overweight, but the difference is that Dumont was only fined, while Oliveira lost the championship title.

How to practice Oliveira’s figure?

Oliveira’s figure exercise method:

1. Squats

Squats are indispensable in any plan. With or without weight, squats will build leg and hip strength, while also improving your overall fitness. They will also help you build certain leg muscles. Self-weight squats are worth the time you take to learn and practice until you can squat freely.

2. Frog Jump

It is a good combination of hip flexibility, arm and torso strength, and balance control.

You can also use this movement to transition to handstands. Frog Jump is also a basic training that cannot be mastered handstands.

3. The monkey crawls

This movement is similar to the frog jump, but now it is a lateral movement. This lateral movement challenges your body and muscle control in different ways. And this movement is also the basis for handstands or cartwheels.

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